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New Club Nintendo Awards Revealed

Club Nintendo has revealed some honestly pretty disappointing rewards. Platinum members can score a set of 25 pins featuring various Mario characters, and Gold members can get a 2012 calender. Considering the platinum rewards in the past, such as the special Punch Out Wii! Wiiware download that let you fight against Doc, but there isn’t much to complain about because as long as you qualify for them the prizes are free so hurry up and claim them. If you didn’t qualify this year there is always next year and hey maybe they will have something cooler than some silly pins.

Club Nintendo Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack Extended Offer

Do not fret fellow North American residents. If you plan on purchasing the newest remake The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and want a fancy-pants soundtrack to go with it. Members of Club Nintendo can register their copies of the game to receive a copy of the soundtrack on CD format.

The catch is, it’s a limited time offer. When Nintendo first announced the soundtrack, they stated that only a certain amount of people who register their copy would be eligible for the soundtrack CD, but it seems like Nintendo changed their minds for the very last day.

“Due to strong demand and technical issues, we are extending this offer. Members who register the game by midnight, Pacific Time on Monday June 20, 2011 will receive the soundtrack CD.”

There is still time for those Legend of Zelda fans who might not have had the chance to get it a day or two ago. So grab your wallets, head to a game store and make your purchase.

Don’t forget to register! The Club Nintendo year of 2011 ends on June 30th! Make sure to have 600+ registered coins for an Elite prize.


(Source: Club Nintendo)

Early European 3DS Owners Get Free T-Shirt Via Club Nintendo

Picking up Nintendo 3DS in Europe launch day? Before you get distracted with all that 3D gaming goodness you’ll probably want to stop by Club Nintendo’s website. Early 3DS registrants get a free T-shirt from Club Nintendo, this is in addition to the 750 stars the system will grab you already.


The T-shirt features a Club Nintendo Logo as well as a picture of the 3DS’s “?” block card. While the press release doesn’t confirm it, you can most likely use the 3DS to put 3D images on the shirt because of the card print. So, how long do you have to get this shirt? Not long at all! There will only be 3,000 T-shirts made available. So, register ASAP!


While not urgent, Europeans will also want to check their third party titles for Club Nintendo points. Europe will be offering point cards inside of 3rd party titles as well. So just because it doesn’t say Nintendo doesn’t mean there’s nothing for you to register.


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Club Nintendo to Offer Massive AR Cards in Japan

When you purchase your 3DS it will come with six cards that you can use for variety of augmented reality software.  One problem though, these cards are tiny. Want a life sized Mii standing beside you? Can’t do it with that tiny card!


Nintendo understands your need for life sized Miis though, as they have announced that they will be offering massive AR cards to Club Nintendo members in Japan. Details on how to get them have yet to be announced or if they will be available in North America or Europe.


Of course, you can always just print out your own massive 3DS AR cards, as many people are already doing across the internet, but that takes effort.

(Source: Kotaku)

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Wii SNES Controller Available on Club Nintendo in Europe

Nintendo fans in North America and Europe have been waiting for years to get their hands on the previously Japanese exclusive Super Nintendo Wii Remote controller. The controller looks just like a Super Nintendo one, but plugs right into your Wii Remote for some classic gaming action.

North Americans are still out of luck outside of Ebay, but Europeans are getting their chance at this lovely gaming goody. For 7000 Stars, Europeans can get their hands on the controller. I don’t have a European account, so I can’t say if that pricing is reasonable or outrageous. I’d imagine it would be an expensive item though.

If you have 7000 Stars and want to play your Wii with that good old 90’s feeling, be sure to go grab yours now on the rewards page.

Japanese Club Nintendo offers Super Mario Galaxy 2 Soundtrack

For a mere 300 points Japanese Club Nintendo members can get the entire 70 song, two disc, Super Mario Galaxy 2 soundtrack. We can only hope that this comes state side and we can enjoy this for ourselves. I would cash in every single one of my points for this as a huge fan of game music and especially the quality of the first game and now the second games soundtracks.

How many of you are foaming at the mouth right now.

(Source: 1up.com)

Game Review: Grill-Off with Ultra Hand

Club Nintendo is awesome. It’s hard to complain against the ability to get free swag and games from your gaming purchases. Most of the items available are more novelty items like posters, Hanafuda cards, game cases and more, but there are some actual games available through Club Nintendo. Most notably, the Game and Watch collection titles are available, but they charge a ridiculous amount of 800 coins (for those of you who don’t have a North American Club Nintendo account, that’s a lot!).These games successfully hold the title of some of the most expensive items currently available on Club Nintendo. What do you do when you need a Club Nintendo gaming fix, but only have a mere hundred coins? Get Grill-Off with Ultra Hand – an arcade-style WiiWare title exclusive to Club Nintendo members.

Full review after the jump!

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Nintendo Launching Club Nintendo Exclusive WiiWare Game Grill Off With Ultra Hand! Soon

Club Nintendo coins getting a little dusty? You might want to shell out 80 of them soon for an upcoming title called Grill Off with Ultra Hand!

Grill Off with Ultra Hand! is, well, a grilling game where you use Gunpei Yokoi’s toy – Ultra Hand. It looks fairly basic, but for being a basically free game it might tickle you interest for a little while.

Nintendo of America announced through their official twitter account that the Grill Off with Ultra Hand! will be available soon for download. You can check out the trailer after the jump.

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The Club Nintendo bonus that almost was

When the Club Nintendo awards hit, Elite members were hit with a hard choice. The choice between a Mario hat or Doc-louis’ Punch-Out downloadable game. While these rewards are great and should be appreciated by any Nintendo Fan; Nintendo Originally was going to do something a little more retro.

We decided that this game should be a downloadable reward, so it needed to be a fairly compact game experience. We came up with idea of creating a low-fi NES-style game with Doc Louis, and having him participate in an 8-bit bicycle race with upbeat chip-tune music” said Shu Fujii Assistant manager of Planning and Development at Nintendo of America.

Would you have wanted this over Doc Louis Punch-out?

(Source: Nintendo Dpad)