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Super Mario Bros. Audio Comics

During my very early Monday commentating time, I showed the old Super Mario Bros. comic book I had, with an included audio cassette tape with voice actors reading the lines. Well, I captured this audio and put it in a video with scans from the comic pages. The intent was to show them during my commentating shifts, but unfortunately I forgot to show more than the first. Well, as planned from the start, here they are uploaded for your viewing pleasure whenever you wish.



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Sketchin’!! – IIM

So The Escapist (aka That Site With The British-Australian Who Talks Real Fast ‘Bout Video Games) held a webcomic contest. You had to submit four pages and if you won, you’d get a paid job making the comic for their site.  As with every single other aspect of my life, I took it 100% seriously and gave it my all. I made a beautifully illustrated epic starring four multi-faceted characters with clear motivations and personalities, all based on Miis I made when I first got my Wii!

Check it out under the cut!

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The Finer Things: “Midlife Crisis”

Well guys, I’ve been tossing this around in my head for awhile. I’ve decided to work on a tiny comic idea for awhile until I have enough to show my local newspaper. I doubt they’ll pick it up but who knows maybe a Pennysaver magazine would pick it up?

Anyway video and finished product after the break.

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