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OILD – Yeti Lair

And now for some madness. Pure, undiluted madness. See, the good cheer of season makes me happy. So happy that I could get incoherent at times (as if any of my ideas are coherent anyway)! So it’s only fitting that I talk about one of the craziest levels in the one of the craziest games ever. It’s the Yeti’s Lair, from Metal Slug 3!

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OILD – Frozen Grounds

Day 6 of OILD and things are–well, not HEATING UP per se–uh but anyway. Time to get hardcore. If you can”t push through and do some good for someone, then get out there and help folks, even if it isn”t easy! AWKWARD SEGUE INTO TODAY”S LEVEL: It”s Frozen Grounds, from Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes of Lagaard!

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