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Bad Doggy! [Free Copy of Dead Space 2]

What a strange title..  Then again, it’s quite a strange story.

A young lady named Ashley was happily playing  Dead Space 2 when her dog knocked over her Xbox360, killing it in the most horrible fashion imaginable…  [AKA:  Not a RROD and not covered by warrenty.]  After attempting to fix the console, she quickly ran to Twitter in order to gripe, complain and generally fill up her followers boxes.

Well, a director at EA [somebody that had previously commented to Ashley that Dead Space 2 was going to be a great title] noticed, and sent Ashley a little present!

An autographed copy of Dead Space 2, alongside a hand-drawn image from the Dead Space Artists!  [See them after the jump].

Makes me wonder…  Can I get my yorkie to drag my Super Nintendo outside a 5 story window and get an autographed copy of Earthbound?  IT IS OBVIOUSLY WORTH A TRY.  [/begins evil plotting]

Source: NicaGamerz

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Fallout New Vegas Dead Money DLC : Now Available

Great news for Xbox360 owners [*grumbles*PS3*grumbles*]!  You can now purchase the DLC for Fallout New Vegas, entitled “Dead Money” for the rather low price of 800 Microsoft Points.  With new weapons, new characters and new mission material, it’s a great deal that can help extend the already long life of the game.

Dead Money will follow the Courier as he/she finds themselves embroiled in a life/death game in search of a long lost treasure of Vegas.

No word on PC/PS3 release times for the SAME CONTENT.  I wonder how much it would take to bribe Mass Effect’s directors to offer Mass Effect 3 DLC for Ps3 only [thus promoting PS3 sales of the game] and see how THEY LIKE IT.  >:/  [Yes, it’s not very professional to use emoticons, but this situation warrants it.]

Source:  Destructoid

Dead Space 2 Demo is Out

Because nothing screams the holiday season more than…  err..  Well, blood curdling screams of horror and wet pants?

Anyway, the Dead Space 2 Demo is not out for Xbox Live and PSN owners.  For those new to the series, the first Dead Space was a survival/horror FPS game, which followed the tale of Isaac Clarke, who engages a virus alien infestation which transformed the humans of a nearby space mining ship into disgusting “Necromorphs”.  It got moderate to above average reception, and acclimated a rather large fanbase, if their in-depth Wiki guide is any sort of sign to that.

Source:  Destructoid

Fallout New Vegas DLC Trailer : Dead Money

As many of you are probably aware, Fallout New Vegas has some Xbox 360 exclusive content heading our way!  Thankfully, Bethesda has recently released a trailer with a sneak peek of what’s to come.  You can check out the full trailer after the jump.

Dead Money will follow the Courier in a gigantic heist, but with a rather gruesome twist upon it involving a nasty neck collar.

Source:  Destructoid

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I “Saw” What You Did There : Deadrising 2 Review

I was originally going to write about Okami this week.  However, my plans changed after this game was shoved into my face, and my cousin demanding I finish it.  Being somebody that has a fantastic taste in games, I trusted his judgement in playing the game.  The result?  Well, you’ll just have to join me after the jump for the full review.  ;D

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Dead Space 2 : Collector’s Edition Goodies

Dead Space 2 fans have been looking [for a while now] forward to a collector’s edition of the game.  Well, looks like the UK and North America are getting their wishes granted!

In the UK, gamers can expect a life-size toy Plasma Cutter [Xbox360/PC only, PS3 versions will get Dead Space Extraction], in addition to a soundtrack CD, a DLC voucher, and a piece of the game’s artwork.  No confirmed information has yet been released for North America, or if the Plasma Cutter restriction will also apply.  Check a larger version of the featured image picture after the jump!

Source:  Joystiq

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New Red Dead Redemption DLC Screenshots

On the fence about purchasing the Liars and Cheats DLC for Red Dead Redemption when it hits the PlayStation Store ($9.99) and XBLA (800 Microsoft Points) on September 21st? We recently got a couple new screenshots for the add-on to this incredibly fun game from Rockstar Games. The DLC will add new features to expand the Free Roam Multiplayer Mode.

You can check out the screenshots after the hop.

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Last Chance for “Redemption”

Rockstar Games, as originally promised, is going to begin banning players using hacked save states in their hit game Red Dead Redemption.  While the original announcement came last week, the banning procedures will begin tomorrow.  So, join just after the jump to see what exactly needs to be done in order to restore your “HONOR”, and claim your “REDEMPTION”.

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New DLC for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2

Have you been wanting to tear up some zombies as Franics, Zoey, Billy, or Louis one more time? Well, with the new DLC announced by Valve today, you can! The new DLC will be called ‘The Sacrifice’ and can be downloaded on both Left 4 Dead games. ‘The Sacrifice’ will take place before The Passing and puts you in control of the original 4 survivors, even if you access it via L4D2. Valve has also confirmed that they will be releasing a 150-page comic to give some backstory for L4D and show the events of the sacrifice. Now, players will get to see all the gritty and gruesome details of how one of the original characters met their demise. In the DLC, however, players will actually get to choose who dies. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you’re a Mac of PC gamer, as this will be free. It will cost money if you purchase it on the Xbox Live Marketplace, though. Valve is also throwing in the No Mercy campaign so you can get some more L4D action on the L4D2 without having to buy the original. A release date has not been confirmed, but be sure to check back as we should get those details soon enough.

(Source: Destructoid)