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Mighty Switch Force Review

WayFoward has been at the forefront of making beautiful and fun 2D games for years now. Ever since gaining popularity with Shantae on the Game Boy Color, they have been unstoppable. Mighty Switch Force is the third entry in a series of titles WayForward has been releasing for Nintendo’s downloadable services and it is also the first of those titles to arrive for 3DS. With some interesting mechanics that led to some pretty challenging later stages, Mighty Switch Force is a great start for downloadable 3DS games.

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Limbo Creeping It’s Way Onto PSN and Steam Soon

We finally have confirmed dates for the release of Limbo the highly acclaimed XBLA game on PSN and Steam. It will be slithering onto PSN first in North America on July 19th and then in Europe on the 20th. Finally it will make it’s way onto PC’s through Steam on the 9th of August.

Limbo is a highly atmospheric and often creepy sidescrolling puzzle platformer that won the hearts of many on XBLA back when it was first released including mine. I highly recommend you pick it up when it comes to PSN or Steam.

Cloud Saves Coming To Playstation Plus

Steam has had cloud saves for Valve games for awhile where your saves are stored on the internet so you can access them from any computer. It looks like Sony has decided to add the feature to their Playstation Plus package. If you had asked me if I had any intention of getting Playstation Plus when they announced it I would have said no, but recently they have been making it quite enticing. Tons of games coming out both free and available before launch as well as the lowered prices of tons of downloadable games and now the addition of Cloud Saves. The feature will be available today as a matter of fact allowing Playstation Plus members enough space to store about 1000 saves.


Castle Crashers Can Now Claim Two Million Unique Players

Castle Crashers has been up there as one of the best selling XBLA games since it launched in the first Summer of Arcade. The throwback arcade style Beat-em-up seems to win over both gamer’s and common folk alike. It’s amazing to see that a downloadable only title has now made it to two million sold. It’s definitely a step toward the digital only future that creeps ever closer. While I understand many people concerns and attachment to physical media I see Digital Only as not only a way to lower game cost’s, and the cost of entry for lower tier developers but also as a way that I can get over my own laziness. I can’t tell you how many more hours of games I play when I don’t have to swap disc’s.

(Game Informer)

Super Meat Boy Getting Free-DLC on Xbox 360

Without the ability to share levels the way that they wanted across platforms Super Meat Boy developer said that it was supposed a sort of “Eff you” to the way that most publisher charge you for content already on the disc. They used a similar method to the way that the multi-player shooter Monday Night Combat is delivering it’s patches. The DLC is over all called “Teh Internets”. It will consist of several chapters of about 20 levels that are focused around one of the characters in the game and it’s ability.  The first chapter is called Butcher Boy and stars the game main character Meat Boy.

You should be able to buy Super Meat Boy on Xbox 360 on October 20th 2010. It will also be available on Wii and PC later.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is Breaking Hearts and Setting Records

The week one Unit sales for Capcom’s downloadable Deadrising 2 Scenario are reportedly over 300,000. An impressive number, and also not entirely suprising considering the content of the game. It contains all the mechanics that will be present in the full game albeit with fewer items and a small location.

The game has reviewed very well and definitely proved itself as more then what many feared would be a pay demo of the game. With Capcom setting this precedent are there any other games that you would be interested in doing this as well?

New Topgun Game Being Developed for PSN

The classic action movie Topgun is also famous for it’s early games. A trailer was recently released highlighting a new multiplayer focused air combat game in the Topgun franchise. It looks to be fast paced and full of missles and lock-on. The game looks to be played primarily from a 3rd person perspective.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

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THQ Announces Publishing Deal With Double Fine

THQ is going to be publishing 2 of Doublefine’s upcoming downloadable game and they have revealed one of them. Costume Quest is an adventure RPG that takes place on Halloween night. The gameplay includes getting quest’s, collecting various objects, and fighting and leveling up. The game will put you in the role of kids trick or treating and take place in a variety of sub-urban environments. Unlike most of Doublefine’s other titles this game is being headed up not by Tim Schaeffer but by Tasha Harris the company’s lead animator. THQ will also be publishing what is described as a 3rd person adventure game from Doublefine.

Check out some screenshots after the jump.

(Images: 1up.com)

(Source: 1up.com)

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