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New Rocket Slime Game Planned for the 3DS

Rocket Slime, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated DS titles around. It was an action game in the Dragon Quest universe that centered around Slime Tanks. Luckily, a second game in the series is being planned and it will hopefully come out in America, however we can’t be sure.

The new game is taking it to the open seas with naval battles. I am really hoping they give this game a chance in America because it sounds great.

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Dragon Quest VI, Medal of Honor And More Recieving Amazon Deals

As part of The Gold Box deals, Amazon are giving time limited discounts to some of their gaming products. The most notable inclusions are Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revalation, Medal o Honor for PS3 & 360 And Civilisation V. Some of the deals have already expired at the time of writing however here’s the full list of games to see what is still avaliable to you.

  • Deal of the Day: Michael Jackson: The Experience for Wii – $29.99
  • 6AM PST – Plants & Zombies for DS – $13.99
  • 7AM PST – Medal of Honor for PS3 and Xbox 360
  • 9AM PST – Rock Band 3 Midi PRO-Adapter for Wii
  • 10AM PST – Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation for DS
  • 11AM PST – Nerf N-Strike Double Blast Bundle for Wii
  • 1PM PST – Rock Band 3 Keyboard Bundle for Wii
  • 2PM PST – Madden NFL 11 for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii
  • 4PM PST – Wii Sports Resort 8-in-1 Sports Pack
  • 5PM PST – Dance Dance Revolution Bundle for Wii – $27.99
  • 7PM PST – Civilization V
  • 9PM PST – Fender Mustang Pro Guitar Controller for Wii

Source: (Joystiq)

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation hitting US Shores February 14th 2011

Have you ever wanted to give a gift to your special someone that requires them to grind battles until their thumbs fall off? Well now you can with Dragon Quest VI! DQVI was the final game in the DQ SNES trilogy and was the only main game in the series to never make it over to US shores (DQVIII was the first game in the series to be released in the UK so we have a long way to go). The game will undergo a similar revamp as IV and V did in terms of graphical capability, teaked battle system and addition of touch screen controls. There is no work of a UK release date though consdeing the success of the previous two games, it’s best to say that it’s likely to get a release date soon. A full trailer was also presented with the news which can be viewed after the jump.

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Sketchin’!! – COMMAND?

Well kids, I’ll be gone for a few days. Toast and I are going to do a live record of the podcast that we dare not mention by name. Plus, you know, the other readers will be there too. But don’t worry; I’m going to try to get lots of pictures and even a video or two of our antics. Might make for a good update to the vlog or something, who knows! Anyway, I figured to leave you all with a quick doodle before I jump onto the plane to Minneapolis!

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Square-Enix has 5 unannounced titles up its sleeve; Dragon Quest news this Summer

Square-Enix is a never ending power house of games. Dragon Quest IX and Final Fantasy XIII have been released in Japan, so it is about time they start giving us tastes of what is next.

According to Famitsu Magazine Square-Enix has 5 unannounced projects in the works, two of which are scheduled for a 2010 release.

Dragon Quest fans should definitely keep an eye out this summer as well since Square Enix announced they have plans for a Dragon Quest announcement this summer.  Hopefully on Dragon Quest X, which was announced for Wii in late 2008.

Any franchises you would like these unannounced titles to possibly be? I’m still holding out for a The Bouncer sequel.

(Source: Examiner)