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Save Big on Genesis and Dreamcast Classics on Steam

Do you lack SEGA in your PC gaming life? Steam is here to help! Until April 1st, you can get forty Genesis classics for only $9.99. This includes titles like Vectorman, Space Harrier II, Ristar, and more!  Take a look at the full list if you get the chance. While there’s some cross over, there are quite a few titles in here not featured in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection.


What? 16-Bit is too old for you? How about the Dreamcast then? For $14.99 you’ll get the Dreamcast Collection which features Space Channel 5 Part 2, Sonic Adventure, SEGA Bass Fishing, and Crazy Taxi. Not as much value for your buck. But if you don’t have a Dreamcast, it’s a nice way to obtain these four titles.


Both sales last until April 1st. So if you need some SEGA goodness in your life, don’t wait!

SEGA to release Dreamcast Collection Title

In an interview in Game Informer with VP of sales and marketing at SEGA, Alan Pritchard (Seeing a pattern here?) Confirmed the rumours that fans have been speculating by announcing a Sega Dreamcast collection that will compile some of the most popular games on the system and releasing them for modern day consoles (This is reminiscent of Sonic Ultimate Genesis /Megadrive collection collection). SEGA has already started rereleasing their DC backlog through PSN & XBLA by releasing Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi through these services (There’s rumours that Jet Set Radio is also being released). There is no full list of titles on the disc yet though there were a number of high quality games on the system such as Tech Romancer, Shenmue, Grandia II, And best of all: Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. Unfortunatly, Alan Pritchard has also confirmed that SEGA has no plans to release the Dreamcast 2 anytime in the future.

Source: (Game Infrormer)

“Dreamcast Collection” May Be Coming to Xbox 360 & PS3

Enjoying some of the old Dreamcast games that have been rereleased recently (Such as Sonic Adventure and Crazy Taxi)? You may have a chance to relive some more of your favorite Dreamcast classics very soon. The questions is, which ones?

As of now, we know from a listing on Gamestop’s website (that has now been removed) that a Dreamcast Collection from Sega of America will be releasing for Xbox 360 and PS3. The game had a release date of February 15 and a price of $29.99

While this info is subject to change, we still don’t know which games could be included in this package. What do you want to see be remade?

(Source: 1up)

ESRB Rates Sonic Adventure for PlayStation 3

We have been hearing for quite some time that Dreamcast games were heading to XBLA, but it has been awhile since we have heard anything for PlayStation 3 minus the original leak.

We finally have more signs showing that PlayStation 3 users may not be left out.  Sonic Adventure was rated for the PlayStation 3 on the ESRB along side the Xbox 360 version that has been long rumored. While this only points to that one game is getting ported compared to multiple games on XBLA, it would be strange for them to release one Dreamcast title and then leave the rest of the library off of the system.

SEGA, as previously leaked, was talking about getting exclusive deals with Sony for some Dreamcast titles. I’m sure SEGA probably had the same talks with Micorosoft. Hopefully we won’t see Dreamcast titles divided between the two systems.

Reminds me of when SEGA first became a software company and then started throwing console exclusives everywhere – making it difficult on the wallet to be  a SEGA fan. Although for Dreamcast games, it is fairly easy to just buy a Dreamcast and buy games for it.

(Source: Siliconera)

Rumor: Jet Set (Grind) Radio Heading to XBLA

There has been lots of talks and rumors about having a couple of Dreamcast titles head to XBLA. It looks like the day we actually can purchase and download them may be coming soon.

A supposed leaked image of Jet Set Radio, or rather Jet Grind Radio in North America, shows the title listed on a development console along with Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

This image could easily be fake. But with all the recent rumors, it is hard to ignore.

(Source: Destructoid)
Thanks GrimsChild!

More Resident Evil Wii Ports on the Way?

Last year the Gamecube titles Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0 received ported to the Wii via the Archive brand name. It looks like Capcom might be planning more ports using the Archive name.

A Capcom UK represenative was asked about more ports making it to the Wii, he replied “Although we have nothing further to announce at this time, it’s unlikely we’d need a collective term for just two releases.

It seems like it would be pushing it a bit porting PlayStation releases as full retail games today.

Maybe a compilation disc of the remaining 3 titles may seem a bit more suitable. Or better yet, remakes of the original titles.

(Source: The Lost Gamer)

UK magazine confirms Sonic Adventure for XBLA

Generally you see reviews well after a game has been announced, but Sonic Adventure on XBLA breaks this formula.  UK magazine 360 Gamer has their review of the XBLA version of Sonic Adventure despite the game not being officially announced yet.

The review mentioned that the title is basically a straight up port of Sonic Adventure DX which was released on the Gamecube and PC back in 2003 and no real improvements have been made over these versions.

Considering the actual finished product is in the hands of the UK press, then chances are we will be seeing something related to the title soon.

(Source: Destructoid)

Sega leaks Sega/Sony plans

Sega accidentally released details of a Sega/Sony meeting from August 5th. The meeting touched on multiple topics, but here are the interesting tidbits.

Their looking into putting PS2 and Dreamcast games on PSN, 2010 (March in specific for Japan) launch for Sony’s motion controller, A import section on PSN (Specifically mentioned Yakuza series) with minimal localization; example: translated menus and subtitles , and a Sonic Anniversary Collection with all the old Sonic games on a  single Blu-ray disc.

These are just plans though, so they could have changed since then. But it gives us a glimpse at what Sony and Sega may be bringing for the future. You can check out the full list of details over on Neogaf’s forums.