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Nintendo Download Store, 3DS Updated

As some of you might have experienced, last week’s 3DS 2.0.0-2U update gave users the eShop, Web Browser, and the ability to pause time in Ridge Racer. Oh wait, that’s just the game freezing…

Well anyway, that little nagging issue has been resolved in the 2.1.0-3U update just starting to roll out, in addition to a general upgrade in system stability as a whole.

So since you don’t have to worry about your new hardware crashing, how about you celebrate by downloading some games for it? Nintendo’s also added a new title to the 3DS eShop, as well as a few by means of DSiWare.

If you want to get your retro on, you can now buy the Game Boy edition of Donkey Kong for a measly $3.99.

Also available via DSiWare are Gold Fever(500 Points, $4.99), Zimo: Mahjong Fanatic(200 Points, $199), Beach Party Craze(800 Points, $7.99), and Hidden Photo(500 Points, $4.99).

Not wanting to leave the Wii out of the party, the big N’s added one new title each for Virtual Console, WiiWare, and WiiWare Demos.

On the Virtual Console stage is Mega Man 5(500 Points), which I really hope will be seeing a 3DS port as well(Sooner than later please!).

With WiiWare, there’s Snail Mail(600 Points) and a demo for BIT.TRIP FLUX(Demo: Free, Full Version: 800 Points).

So there’s this week’s store updates, go play already!

Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Coming To EU DSIWare Sometime Soon

The DSI exclusive sequel to Shantae (Cult Platformer for the GBC that currently sells for triple digit figures.) has been recieving numerous excellent reviews when it was first released however as of yet it had not had a confirmed release date for the UK. Some people (myself included) were skeptical if the game would ever be released in the UK since the original was never released over here and no indication had been given that the game would be released over here at all. Luckily for us, WayForward responded to all of their fan requests for a release of the game with a small message through Twitter:

“[b]Great news! The European version of Risky’s Revenge is currently in submissions, and will be available on the DSiWare store in 3 to 8 weeks.[/b]”

This is great news for anyone who bought a DSI just to get this game in the UK (*cough*) and hopefully this and the DSI Port of Cave Story will allow a flurry of interesting DSIWare titles to be released.

Source: (Twitter)

Pokemon Black and White DSi System Packages

Along with the announcement of the Pokemon Black and White DSi systems we have images of the packaging thanks to the Pokemon official site. Yay (:

The black DSi comes with Pokemon Black and the white DSi comes with Pokemon White – does it get any simpler?

Both versions will arrive on November 20th and will be sold in game shops nation wide. Since there hasnt been any sort of ‘limited edition’ labelling on these systems they shouldn’t be hard to get your hands on.

Will anyone be getting?

View the packages after the jump. Continue reading Pokemon Black and White DSi System Packages

Nintendo Power teases DsiWare release

DsiWare has yet to deliver on what I would consider its first major game. I’ve been disappointed in what the DsiWare has to offer so far. However, I think the service has tremendous potential to be a system seller for the Dsi if Nintendo would add some big titles to its library and some sort of  VC support for the older Nintendo handhelds (GB,GBC,GBA).  If Nintendo Power delivers on what they are teasing, we might catch word of DsiWare’s first step toward my expectations.

“Last issue’s Next Month tease for more No More Heroes 2 coverage fell through (sorry about that), but we’re 99.99% sure that Leon and co. will drop by next month to blow up your world with Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. And to make up for NMH2, we’ll reveal a major DSiWare title that should make many of you very, very happy.”

(Source: Nintendo Everything)