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Dead Space 2 : Collector’s Edition Goodies

Dead Space 2 fans have been looking [for a while now] forward to a collector’s edition of the game.  Well, looks like the UK and North America are getting their wishes granted!

In the UK, gamers can expect a life-size toy Plasma Cutter [Xbox360/PC only, PS3 versions will get Dead Space Extraction], in addition to a soundtrack CD, a DLC voucher, and a piece of the game’s artwork.  No confirmed information has yet been released for North America, or if the Plasma Cutter restriction will also apply.  Check a larger version of the featured image picture after the jump!

Source:  Joystiq

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Borderlands : GOTY Edition

The Gearbox Software developers just announced that a special “Game of the Year Edition” [GOTY] of Borderlands will be re-released for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 12.

The GOTY edition will feature the basic Borderlands game, all four downloadable contents, as well as a foldout map of the game’s over-world territories.  This special edition will run PS3/Xbox360 owners around $60, while PC gamers get a small break for only $50.

It was also hinted than an official GOTY strategy guide for Borderlands will also be marketed, although not confirmed.  It was originally seen via online retailers such as Gamestop last month, but the product was eventually pulled from the online status.

Source:  Joystiq