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Gaming Retailers vs. Inattentive Parents

In my line of work, my main responsibility is printing photos, however, half of the time I am also required to keep an eye on the game section of the store. It amazes me how often that a customer will come up and argue why we can not sell a blatantly seven or eight year old kid an eighteen-rated game. Join me in this article as I muse on the continuous battle between retailers and inattentive parents.

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Universal rating system could be put into place for US

For years the video game industry has been on the ESRB rating system. The federal communication commission is looking to possibly change that though. Their calling for TV shows , gamesĀ  and content on cell-phones; But oddly enough it excludes movies. Kotaku asked the ESA about the issue…

“The ESA appreciates the FCC and its important role. However, the ESRB rating system is considered by parents, family advocates, the Federal Trade Commission, and elected officials as the gold standard in providing caregivers with the information they need to make the right choices for their families…Universal ratings will, in the end, only serve to confuse consumers, violate the Constitution’s first amendment, and are a solution in search of a problem.”- Rich Taylor, senior vice president for communications and industry affairs for the ESA.

I’m not really sure how this would change much except what the rating labels are on the boxes and possibly a better understand of the overall rating system. If it started restricting content in games at all though it could be a problem.

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