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Nintendo of Europe: “Promote Xenoblade, Win Last Story or Pandora’s Tower”

With Xenoblade Chronicles being met with a smile and warm welcome into European gamers Wii’s, news that will delight the American supporters of the game, Nintendo of Europe have decided to use that as a push for the other two games that have been the focus of Operation: Rainfall.

Embracing the Let’s Play community with a competition entitled “Let’s Play Xenoblade Chronicles” , Nintendo have asked players to create a video showing something the player really enjoyed, like a sidequest or area, or something along those lines – one person wins a voucher for both Last Story and Pandora’s Tower, while the four runners up gets a choice of which one they get. The contests is for those sixteen and over, finishes on October 18th and can be found here.

The contest does show that NoE really want all three games to do well, especially with Reggie stating that they were watching Europe carefully. If the momentum keeps up, then the organisers of Operation: Rainfall may yet be claiming a success.

(Source: siliconera)

UPDATED: Kirby TV Wii Channel For Europe, Unconfirmed for US

Yes, you read that right – From the Official Nintendo Magazine UK website, the lovable pink ball is getting his own TV channel, filled with brand new episodes of Kirby’s cartoon, consisting of fifty episodes.

While this is from the UK website, this means there is no indication whether the Americans are getting the same deal as those in the UK, but the free channel – yes, free, zip to pay – will be updated twice a week, with a new episode on a Monday, then a Thursday. While the first episode will always be there, as episodes become older, they will be taken down to make way for the newer ones.

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally watching these –  Kirby Right Back At Ya was shown around in 2003 on a children’s channel in the UK, and distributed by 4Kids! in America.


EDIT: Turns out the episodes are Kirby: Right Back At Ya – still free, but sadly not the new episodes – thanks for rctgamer3 for giving us more info.


Rumour: The Last Story Coming To Europe

Hands up if you know who Mistwalker are? No? They’re the company behind Lost Oddysey and Blue Dragon, two rather spectacular RPG’s that were released on the 360 a few years back. It’s been radio silence from them since a second sequel for Blue Dragon on the DS, however a UK Nintendo Rep recently said that European Wii owners could expect to see their latest, so far Japanese exclusive offering, The Last Story, somepoint in the future.




For those unfamiliar with The Last Story, I don’t blame you – details are rather scarce, as you’d expect with Japanese exclusives, as to the plot and setting, though the game is a third person, cover based RPG – using crossbows in a similar fashion to most cover based shooters. While nothing official has been announced from Nintendo Global Headquarters, it would be strange to have a game released in the UK before the USA.


Source: http://www.n-europe.com

Ghost Trick released in the UK on January 14th 2011

So yeah, after the announcement of the release date for the US version of Ghost Trick Nintendo of Europe announced the release date for the UK version of Ghost Trick which is a mere 3 days after the US release (makes a change of pace considering we waited for about a year for Trials and Tribulations to come out). The game is made by Capcom and published by Nintendo so if you want to add some more Star Points to your account (for games like CAVE STORY) then perhaps this will be an added incentive.

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony Coming to Europe

Game Arts had officially announced that they will be bringing Lunar: Silver Star Harmony to Europe and all PAL regions on Octoer 13th. This PSP game was a huge hit when it first released in North America back in March.

Kazuki Morishita, president of Game Arts, is sure that “the game will attract many RPG fans in Europe and across PAL territories”

Game Arts also released a demo of the game, which, when completed, will allow you to begin the full game with bonus equipment. Pretty neat stuff, if you ask me.

(Source: Siliconera)

Kinect Voice Recognition to be Disabled in Mainland Europe Until Spring 2011

A couple days ago, we heard rumors that the Kinect will only be able to recognize three languages: English, Japanese, and Mexican Spanish. Unfortunately, Microsoft have now confirmed this rumor, stating that the Kinect’s voice recognition feature will be unavailable to players in mainland Europe.

More details after the jump. Continue reading Kinect Voice Recognition to be Disabled in Mainland Europe Until Spring 2011