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Moon Diver Dives its way to PSN March 29th

Moon Diver (previously known as Necromachina) is the latest project by Kouichi Yotsui, whose previous works include Strider and Cannon Fodder. The game was announced at E3 2010 before being pretty much forgotten by everyone who had interest in it due to delay after delay after delay. Well, good news! Square Enix confirmed today that the game would be released on PSN March 29th, with an XBLA release followed afterwards (normally it’s the other way round).


The game itself is remisicent of Capcom’s Strider (surprise, surprise) which will focus on providing a fun, yet difficult experience to gamers of all creeds. In an bizzare interview where Yotsui was interviewed by THE MAIN CHARACTER FROM HIS OWN GAME!, Yotsui said: “I want everyone to invite their friends and just have fun with the co-op mode. But the single-player mode is serious business. I have no intention of letting anyone escape with their lives. It’s a good game to die!!!”. Nice to see more people taking a leaf out of the Hard Corps: Uprising way of thinking.

Source: (Siliconera)

Gungrir Tactical gauge explained

Gungrir is the latest in Sting’s repetoire of SRPG’s which are recognisable for their unique battle systems and gameplay. The highlight of the battle system will be the Tactics Gauge which allows the player to switch the turn order of their characters to set up a simultanious strike on the enemy. This gauge can also limit the players movement around the field (think Valkyria Chronicles). Either way, the game will feature a media install option to reduce loading times, a playing guide feature (Hopefully containing Knights in the Nightmare legendary 2 hour tutorial) and a difficulty setting option. Sting’s SRPG’s tend to border on the masochistic in terms of difficulty and general accessibility however Sting have stated that this game is intended to ease people into the SRPG genre. The official website for the game goes up later today and expect a Japan release May 19th.