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Square Enix Would Consider a Final Fantasy HD Collection

Recently PS3Trophies.com asked Kitase over at Square Enix what they thought about the proposition and his response was a positive “We haven’t made up our mind about that yet,” said Kitase, “but if there was a strong voice coming through from the users asking for such porting, then obviously we would seriously consider it, but no actual plans yet.”.

Perhaps if every Final Fantasy fan spoke out at once they would hear us and comply. While I may not be a Final Fantasy superfan I can understand why this would be very appealing. Of course we have no idea what games exactly they would choose for this collection and without some significant touch-ups I can’t imagine many of the PS1 titles looking all that hot in HD.

Hajime Tabata Interested in Porting Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII to 3DS

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII was a prequel action RPG originally designed for cellphones. The idea seems similar to the KH: Recoded Remake, however Tabata has said that he does not just want to port it. He is very impressed with the 3DS’s capabilities and would like to modify the game to suit the new platform.

Before Crisis focused on the actions of the Turks as they performed covert operations for Final Fantasy VII’s Shinra Corporation. From some quotes Tabata made it seems that he would like to change the games scenario and make it co-op focused. He said “Completely changing the scenario composition and game design for the 3DS, if it were an action RPG BCFF7 that lots of Turk players could simultaneously play at a dizzying pace… Wait a second; this work is not an official announcement of course.”

So while it is not confirmed he is expressing interest.

What is so hard about a Final Fantasy VII remake? FFXIII staff tells you

Ever since the Final Fantasy VII tech demo shown off at E3 2005 Final Fantasy fans have been clamoring for a remake of the title, but Square-Enix constantly shoots it down. You may be wondering “why hasn’t there been one yet?”. Well, a few of the staff members for Final Fantasy XIII shared exactly why with PlayStation Blog.

If it’s just a case of attaining high resolution graphics, only, then that wouldn’t be that difficult, but if we were to achieve the same graphical standard as in XIII with a PS1 title, then that would be a huge, huge task. Almost unrealistic. Even with a PS2 title it would be difficult.” they replied when asked about a HD remake similar to God of War Collection.

In the case of God of War, there weren’t really that many characters in the game — the main character and some monsters, maybe ten people or so. That would not be unachievable. As with Final Fantasy titles in the past, like on PS1, even just the main characters amount to around 10 people. Then you have all the NPCs, you’re probably looking at about 200 characters total. All with individual textures for the skin, plus costumes, facial features and everything. That would be a really tricky job.

So there it is. Possible, but it would be a lot of work. Maybe one day we will have the title in HD, but for now we will have to continue to play its original glorious 3D graphics.

Final Fantasy VII remake still not out of the question

Many of you saw the Final Fantasy VII tech demo that was shown during E3 2006. Repeatedly SquareEnix has said that the tech demo was made only to show the power of the PS3 and was not evolving into a full remake. Even today many people still mistake the trailer as an announcement for a remake of the title. VG247 spoke with Yoshi Kitase and Motomu Toriyama at GamesCom through a translator who said “There’s no official project that’s up and running for a remake of Final Fantasy VII at this point.” Which is the usual answer, but he also added “They do talk about it on a personal level, like, ‘If we did it it would be like this or like that.’

Square Enix loves keeping it safe by relying on franchises and remakes, so a remake of Final Fantasy VII is inevitable. It is just a matter of when and what platform  its remade on.  If you can’t wait for your Final Fantasy VII fix, the original  Final Fantasy VII has been up on PSN for quite some time.