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Why I Like: Final Fantasy XIII

One of the most hated Final Fantasy games in quite a long time also happens to be my favorite one. Recently I was thinking about Final Fantasy games and which one I would say that I liked the most, and I kept coming back to Final Fantasy XIII for some reason. Keep in mind I have only ever played  the original, II and VII through XIII, but still, in my experience, Final Fantasy XIII is my favorite.  I wanted to take this chance to really dig into the aspects that make me enjoy the game so much.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Confirmed in America January 2012

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is slashing it’s way to the Playstation 3 and Xbox360 in America slated for January 2012. The Japanese release of the title has a release of December 2011. Roughly a one month window of time between the two regions releases, which is shorter than the three month window that happened with Final Fantasy XIII. No announcement for other regions have been announced at this time.

I have yet to play Final Fantasy XIII, but XII-2 is starting to sound like it will be a great improvement. Director Motomu Toriyama, has stated that it will be “player driven” rather than “story driven”. So that exploration is widely more available to the player, and more choices and events are affected by decisions the player makes.

“player-driven. The player actively explores the world, and events take place based on his actions. It’s made to allow a lot of choices to be made by the player. Compared to XIII, we’re using very few prerendered scenes; it’s mostly realtime.”

So far it’s looking pretty good, we’ll keep you updated on further updates or changes.

Final Fantasy XIII is the Fastest Selling Final Fantasy Ever

Despite some of the controversy over Final Fantasy XIII’s design, it has now become the fastest selling Final Fantasy title with over 1 million units shipped in North America in just five days.

The franchise total for Final Fantasy is now 96 million units. I wouldn’t be surprised if they break the 100 million unit mark once Final Fantasy XIII has finished pull in its numbers.

Aside from Final Fantasy XI and maybe Final Fantasy IX, I think every major numbered entry in the Final Fantasy series has broken the past benchmark, so I don’t think this is too much of a surprise.

Hooray! Money!

(Source: Destructoid)

Final Fantasy XIII Director Wants Interactive Cutscenes for Final Fantasy; Hints at Next Title Being Less Linear

Final Fantasy XIII‘s Director  Motomu Toriyama has been taking a peek at some other games for inspiration. Specifically he has been looking at the 2009’s hit title Uncharted 2 and its interactive cutscenes.

In Final Fantasy XIII, the interactivity was focused on the battle scenes. I think there will be more interactivity (in future Final Fantasy cut scenes) — if you have 1000 flying dragons, hopping from one dragon to the other would be great fun.

After his presentation, Toriyama had a Q&A session where one questioner complained about Final Fantasy XIII’s linearity.  He replied “Look forward to the next one, I will have answered your complaint about the linear version of the story.

(Source: Wired)

Square-Enix Not Ruling Out Final Fantasy XIII-2

Finished Final Fantasy XIII already and want more? You might get more in the future. Yoshinori Kitase spoke about the possibilities of Final Fantasy XIII getting a sequel similar to how Final Fantasy X got a sequel with Final Fantasy X-2.

In the past three years we worked both on the world and on the various systems. Creating these systems isn’t very glamorous and can frankly be a bit boring. If we could do a XIII-2, we could direct all our attention to the story and refine what we have already built.

The possibility of a Final Fantasy XIII-2 is dependent on how well Final Fantasy XIII does in the west. If you are desperate enough, you could always go buy a second copy.

He was also asked a bout the possibility of a Final Fantasy XV and said that also depends on how well Final Fantasy XIII does in the west. I don’t think many people doubt that there will eventually be a Final Fantasy XV. But if you are concerned, there you go.

(Source: Destructoid)
(Image Source: IGN)

Final Fantasy XIII Director Says Next Final Fantasy Might Bring Back More Traditional Elements

At GDC Gamasutra spoke with Final Fantasy XIII’s director Motomu Toriyama. Now that Final Fantasy XIII has been out for a few months in Japan he was able to responded to some questions about the criticisms of the title.

Specifically,Gamasutra asked Toriyama about the criticism over the fact that Final Fantasy XIII strays from some content usually found in a Final Fantasy title. He said that due to time constraints they had to focus on strengthening the most important aspects of the game.

Toriyama doesn’t believe this trend will continue though. “Now that we have that base technology… The next time you see a Final Fantasy, we might be able to pack in more of those elements that existed in the past. And I also think that a game doesn’t need to have all of those items in the future. We can create additional downloadable content for people to add, too. It doesn’t have to come with that game itself.”

This makes it kind of interesting since Yoichi Wada wants to see the series continue to move away from its roots. Maybe we will get some weird hybrid game with more traditional elements from Final Fantasy series, but the new content is drastically different at the same time.

Final Fantasy XIII just came out earlier this week, so we won’t know anything solid for awhile.

PlayStation 3 Version of Final Fantasy XIII gets a Last Minute Announcement for North America and Europe

Plan on picking up the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII today? Good.

Square-Enix announced today that all of the initial production copies of Final Fantasy XIII will come with not only a code for a secret in game item for Final Fantasy XIV, but also a chance of getting a key for the Final Fantasy XIV beta for PlayStation 3.

In order to get a chance of getting a key, you will have to head over either the North American or European Square-Enix Members page to register the code that comes with your copy of the game.

(Source:PlayStation Blog)

360 Final Fantasy XIII console bundles for North America and PAL regions

In Japan Final Fantasy XIII got a awesome PS3 console bundle with a special lighting PS3 slim model, but outside of Japan we get our own set of goodies with a Xbox 360 bundle.

North America will be getting a special 250GB Xbox 360 bundle. The package includes two wireless controllers, a standard copy of Final Fantasy XIII and downloadable items for your avatar. The games 250GB harddrive has “Final Fantasy XIII” engraved across the top.

The PAL Special Edition console bundle includes everything the North American one has, but those who preorder it at select retailers will receive a limited edition Final Fantasy XIII face plate while supplies last. Square-Enix plans bringing the face plate to North America as well, but didn’t release details on how to obtain it.

Europe also has a Elite package which has your standard copy Final Fantasy XIII game bundled with a 120GB Xbox 360 elite system.

You can check out all the bundles and special items after the jump.

(North American Details Source: Destructoid)

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Final Fantasy XIII producer “interested” in supporting stereoscopic 3D in Final Fantasy XIII

Stereoscopic 3D is all the rage nowadays. The PlayStation 3 is ready to make the jump to 3D via a future firmware update, but the question is what games would take advantage of it?

Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinorio Kitase was asked a few user questions on PlayStation UK’s website. One user in specific asked about the possiblity for the game to get patched for 3D support. “We don’t know how possible it is to build the game in 3D but we are interested in it,said the producer.

Kitase did say they have already worked on making a Final Fantasy XIII trailer shown in Japanese cinemas that make use of the 3D technology. As of right now the trailer is exclusive to Japan, but Kitase said that they may bring it to other markets in the future.

(Via: Siliconera)

Final Fantasy XIII development screen shots for the PlayStation 2

Final Fantasy XIII is only about a month away for Western audiences, but let’s take a trip back to the past to the early development of Final Fantasy XIII.

While we all know Final Fantasy XIII was first shown off on the PlayStation 3, the game originally saw development on the PlayStation 2 hardware. Square-Enix released two books for Final Fantasy XIII and one of them contains details on the development process of the title. Within it are early screen shots of the title running on the PlayStation 2.

While the battle system looks similar to what ended up in the final game, much of it is unrecognizable. Yuna and Rikku from Final Fantasy X even make an appearances as place holder characters

You can check out the screen shots after the jump. Having issues with the gallery, so you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

(Source:Final Fantasy XIII.net)

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