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Final Fantasy XIV cause Square Enix’s Profits to fall by 90%

As if the bad reviews, Uninspred Gameplay, poor sales, a torrent of fan backlash an in general releasing an incomplete game wasn’t bad enough, Square Enix revealed that FFXIV was such a dismyl failure that it has taken a large clunk from their profit’s margin

Before: ¥160,000,000,000 ($1.9 billion)
After: ¥130,000,000,000 ($1.5 billion)

Net profit:
Before: ¥12,000,000,000 ($143 million)
After: ¥1,000,000,000 ($12 million)

FFXIV has been such a problem for Squeenix that they have: Sacked the original team that made it, Made the game free until the game gets fixed, Vocally apologised to fans about the game and stated firmly that these problems would be solved for the PS3 version.

Source: (Sankaku Complex)

Final Fantasy XIV’s Open Beta Dated and Trailer Released

Final Fantasy XIV is Squares second MMORPG and a sequel of sorts to their last Online RPG outing Final Fantasy XI. The game is been in a closed beta for quite some time now and the open beta has been announced for August 31st. The game will be open to more participants presumably to stress test their servers before the official release of the PC version of the game on September 30th.

Check out the trailer after the jump.

(Source: Kotaku)

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Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta Launching Early Next Month

I played Final Fantasy XIV, and it was, for the most part, pretty awesome. You should play Final Fantasy XIV, so you can play a game that is, for the most part, pretty awesome.

Soon, you will be able to play a game that is, for the most part, pretty awesome too. The closed beta for Final Fantasy XIV is ending on August 25th. The servers will be down until some time early next month, where the game will move into open beta until the game’s September 22nd release.

If you aren’t sure if your computer is up to snuff, you can test your computer using the benchmark. You also get treated to the nice fancy intro for the game.

(Source: Massively)

Final Fantasy XIV Delayed on PS3; PC Launch Details

Those planning on getting Final Fantasy XIV on PC, rejoice! Those who are planning on getting the PS3 version, be sad.  Final Fantasy XIV is launching this September on PC. On the other hand,The PlayStation 3 version has been delayed until March 2011. But those looking to pick up the PC version are in for quite a treat. Square-Enix announced details on both the standard and collectors edition versions.

The standard edition is what it is called, very standard. The pricing is pretty standard too, hitting the normal PC price of $49.99. But if you pre-order the standard edition, you get some coolio in-game goggles, which you can find after the jump.  The Standard Edition launches September 30th.

The collector’s edition, on the other hand, is very collectorsish. It includes a behind the scenes DVD, a travel journal, a Right of Passage certificate, a Final Fantasy XIV branded security token,  30 days free online play, and a buddy ticket to invite a friend to play online for free for a limited time.  The collector’s edition also has a lovely box art with art by Yoshitaka Amano, who has done art for almost every past Final Fantasy.The collectors edition will also be available 8 days earlier then the standard edition, so September 22nd. And if you pre-order the collector’s edition, you get yourself the Onion Cap in-game item(although I think the special effect of the standard edition’s in-game item is better.) All of that for only $74.99.

But no matter what version you play, one thing will be the same: the monthly fee. Final Fantasy XIV will run you $12.99 a month – the same as Final Fantasy XI’s monthly fee. Quite a hefty price. But considering the play time you will get out if it, it’s probably is worth it.

You can find images and some more in-depth details of most the items listed here after the jump. I also grabbed the beta’s system specs off the main website too. They should be fairly close to the final specs of the game.

(PS3 launch window: Siliconera)
Thanks Wazuki!

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Final Fantasy XIV Beta Launching “Soon”; More Details on 360 Issues

Hiromichi Tanaka revealed that Final Fantasy XIV was going to move into the beta phase soon – closing the current alpha phase and moving in more people to participate. Although Tanaka didn’t go into specifics, like which platform, or if both versions, will be participating.

Tanaka said that both version are still on track for a 2010 release. He believes that Final Fantasy XIV will succeed because, unlike most modern MMOs, Final Fantasy MMOs don’t have any influence from World of Warcraft.  He says with Final Fantasy XIV they are shooting for a different audience.

Tanaka also went into more details about the trouble they have had with trying to work out something with Microsoft for a 360 version of Final Fantasy XIV. It’s actually pretty similar to what someone in the comments said yesterday about the “no plans” comment.

Tanaka says that the Xbox Live network is “closed,” and says it is “different to the normal internet environment, so when we wanted to introduce this game in the same environment as Windows PC it had to be PS3, so that was our choice.

Square-Enix isn’t giving up, but it doesn’t seem the future is too bright. “Microsoft has a different point of view: they want to have a closed environment for Xbox Live. We’re still talking to… We couldn’t come to an agreement on Xbox Live.

Shame, but I’ve always enjoyed Square-Enix’s philosophy where they want multiple consoles and countries to come together online. Unfortunately, sometimes it alienates entire platforms with more closed infrastructures.

(Beta Source: Eurogamer)
(360 Issues: Eurogamer)

“No Plans” for Final Fantasy XIV on 360…Kind Of

We have seen a slight hint at Final Fantasy XIV heading to Xbox 360, but the games producer, Hiromichi Tanaka, says that “currently there are no plans for a version for the Xbox 360.

But Xbox 360 owners looking forward to a 360 version shouldn’t be discouraged by this. In the same interview he said “we are still talking with Microsoft about an Xbox 360 version.” That sure sounds like a plans of bringing the title to the console to me, especially with Final Fantasy XI already on the platform.

As of right now, only the PS3 and PC version are actually in development. So if the game does come to Xbox 360, it probably wouldn’t see a release until 2011.

(Via: Eurogamer)
(Source: RPGsite)

How’s Final Fantasy XIV Coming Along?; Alpha and Beta Comparasion

Currently Final Fantasy XIV is in alpha testing, but soon Square-Enix will be moving into the beta phase.

Square-Enix sent Siliconera a handful of images today so players can see the changes that have been made. The most notable difference is that lighting effects have been added in. They really do change the look and feel of each area.

There are also some smaller changes including new characters and objects in the environments. You can check them out after the jump. Siliconera also got their hands on some new screen shots from the beta version of the title.  You can check those out over on their site.

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Final Fantasy XIV “Life in Eorzea” Trailer #1

Square-Enix is putting out a new series of videos for Final Fantasy XIV called Life in Eorzea.

The first video is pretty much just people running around looking at NPCs and using emotes. If you are familiar with Final Fantasy XI, most of this looks very familiar. Although Final Fantasy XIV is definitely much prettier then Final Fantasy XI.

It’s the first look we have gotten at some actual footage of Final Fantasy XIV for awhile though. Unfortunately nothing is really shown pertaining to the gameplay.

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PlayStation 3 Version of Final Fantasy XIII gets a Last Minute Announcement for North America and Europe

Plan on picking up the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII today? Good.

Square-Enix announced today that all of the initial production copies of Final Fantasy XIII will come with not only a code for a secret in game item for Final Fantasy XIV, but also a chance of getting a key for the Final Fantasy XIV beta for PlayStation 3.

In order to get a chance of getting a key, you will have to head over either the North American or European Square-Enix Members page to register the code that comes with your copy of the game.

(Source:PlayStation Blog)