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Nintendo patents football attachment for Wii

Nintendo is constantly patenting new ideas, some see the light of day like Miyamoto’s Kind Code and others never appear again. Siliconera reported on one new patent to Nintendo’s ever growing list, a football controller.

The Wiimote is inserted into the football controller much like you do with the Mario Kart Wii Wheel. The football grip allows for realistic throwing which can calculate the angle and force of the the throw. It can also track motion for shifting left and right to dodge players and tracks¬† jogging arm motions for running.¬† Some of the pictures also show the addition of the Nun-chuck and Wii Motion Plus to improve sensitivity and the accuracy of the Wiimote’s gesture recognition. Other then that it is another attachment that will probably only be useful for a few games if it ever sees release. More images after the jump

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