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Zelda Skyward Sword Scavenger Hunt

We’ve got two more copies of Zelda Skyward Sword to give away, all thanks to forum members YellowPepper and Daskichan. This time around we will be giving out copies pseudo scavenger hunt style.

*Story Time*
The Happy Mask guy has stopped by our forum after his ventures through Hyrule and he needs YOUR help. While traveling he has lost many iconic items from the Zelda series that he had picked up on his journey. Each day, from November 1-16, there will be a new riddle posted about these missing items. If you think you have cracked the riddle, you can send up to 3 guesses (please send all 3 guesses in the same email) to happymask@thespeedgamers.com of what you think the item is. Your answers can help solve the mystery of the missing items….somehow…somehow.

If you answer correctly the Happy Mask Guy will send you a triforce piece with the item pictured on it. There are 16 total pieces and when fit properly together it will reveal a secret image. Using an image editing program like photoshop, MS paint or gimp, put together all 16 triforce pieces and email the finished image to happymask@thespeedgamers.com. Make sure to get in all of your answers by November 18th. We will pick 2 winners randomly from all the contestants who completed the triforce.

Riddles will be updated in this forum post

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Forum taken down by DMCA Complaint – UPDATE

Earlier today our forums were taken offline by Dreamhost because someone filed a DMCA complaint. The person filing the complaint claimed he owned the rights to a specific piece of content posted in our forums by a member of the community. The content is question was a list of leaked perks for the upcoming game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

At this time we do not believe the individual who filed the complain is part of Activision, nor do we think he owns the rights to the information. We plan to file a DMCA counter-notification against the party. We could easily remove the content and therefore enable the forums faster, however, since we are not infringing on any rights, we want to take a stand against these sorts of actions.

With that said the forum will remain down while we sort this out. The blog will continue posting news and original content as usual, but you will not be able to post comments on the articles until we resolve this matter.

Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience the downtime may have caused.

(Update after the break)

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