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Team Fortress 2 is F2P4Ever

See what I did there with all those numbers and letters. I am pretty clever like that, anyway, this news hit last night so I am sure many of you already know that along with the new Medic update for Team Fortress 2 the game is going free to play forever. That means anyone with a steam account can start rocket jumping and bonking away their days. Valve has shown interest in the free to play format several times and recently added a section to Steam specifically for free to play games, so this isn’t a huge surprise. It also makes perfect financial sense because TF2 has pretty much been bought by almost everyone that was going to buy it, and this way they can open the market for even more people to buy hats.

You can check out the Meet the Medic video after the jump.


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Activision VS Infinity Ward Case is Going to Trial

It’s been quite a long time since the initial shake-ups at Infinity Ward that led to Vince Zampella and Jason West quitting their jobs at Activision. Around that time Vince Zampella and Jason West filed several lawsuits against Activision and Activision sued right back. Looks like some of those cases may be finally going to trial. The cases that Vince and Jason filed against Activision are going to trial. Several months earlier the Activision cases went through to trial so this means that both sides, both seeking heavy damages, are going head to head.


If you missed the drama that happened a while back due to disagreements over how the Call of Duty name was being handled Vince and Jason fought Activision and ended up losing their jobs. They started a new studio in the mean time and Activision has released a new Call of Duty game in that time. As is the usual with court cases these were filed around the same time as the events that fractured Infinity Ward, but have just now come to fruition.


Brink Gets Anti-Delayed

Brink is the multiplayer shooter with a heavy focus on movement and it’s set to be Bethesda’s first multiplayer shooter. It looks pretty neat and they have detailed some very interesting systems as far as character progression and your goals during a match go. The game was originally set to release on May 17th, but they have moved it up 7 days to May 10th. I look foward to checking it out when it comes out because it is so rare that a multiplayer shooter really takes chances like this one.


Serious Sam 3 Announced

I have no clue what is happening. Obviously upon the clarification that Duke Nukem Forever will be release the gods opened the heavens and said let there be dumb shooter. Bulletstorm has been garnering generally positive reviews and Duke Nukem is coming out in May. Along with these two shooter we have the announcement of a third in the form of Serious Sam 3. Serious Sam is modeled to play after the older style shooters such as Doom or Duke Nukem having you move fast, shoot fast, and your enemies take bullets like a pro. No detals on the release but you can check out all of the screenshots over at Giantbomb.

First Strike Map Pack For Black Ops Coming Out In February

Same pricing structure as last time which is whopping $15 dollars. I expect all map packs for Call of Duty games for a good while will stick to this price point considering it still sold extraordinarily well the last time around.

The pack features 4 new competitive maps and a new Zombie Mode map they are as follows. “Discovery”, an abandoned Antarctic Research Facility, “Stadium”, a hockey rink;”Kowloon”, Hong Kong; and “Berlin Wall,” set at Checkpoint Charlie. The Zombie Mode map is titled Ascension.

These maps will first be appearing on the 360 and will later make their way to PS3 and PC.

Killzone 3 Beta Starts up this October

Killzone 3 is the highly anticipated sequel to Killzone 2 Sony’s flagship shooter franchise. If you want to get in you first need to be a Plus subscriber and then download the Killzone Theme and they might send you an email inviting you into the multiplayer beta.

Killzone 3 is one of Sony’s largest pushes for their 3D technology and it seems to be the best showcase so far.

You can check out the new trailer after the jump.

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U.S Army Was Unaware of Playable Taliban in Medal of Honor while Helping with Production

As is the usual with many war based FPS games the Army helped by recording gun noises, allowing photo shoots or army equipment, and consulting on the campaign. They want to make it clear now though that they were unaware of the inclusion of Taliban as playable until the multiplayer was shown at E3.¬† There are some quote from Kenneth Hawes, director of the U.S. Army’s Public Affairs Office Western Region where he states that¬† upon learning of the situation he “immediately contacted Electronic Arts and asked them to give us a demonstration of the game’s capabilities,”. They were concerned about the issue and wanted to know exactly what they were dealing with.

Hawes and the Army at one time were considering removing support from the game to show their dissapointment. It would have had no bearing on the actual end product but, it was to show that they did not approve.

The playable Taliban were removed from the game before this statement and the U.S Army wanted to ensure that they had nothing to do with the decision.