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Family Guy MMO To Go Open Beta Later This Year

No, you are not reading that wrong. Family Guy Online, an MMO, has been announced by Fox.

It will be Free-to-play, browser based and be in full 3D. The game will revolve around doing quests, and you get to create your own character in the style of those in the show. There are also classes that are based on the main characters from the show. Wanna be like Peter? You’re a tank! Want to be like Stewie? You get to play with gadgets!

The most intruiging claim comes from the game’s developer Roadhouse, who say that they are attempting to make a game that appeals to both those that prefer “core” games like Halo and those that prefer “casual” like Farmville, the developer admitting it is a difficult balance. This should be rather interesting – Hidden Gem, or yet another MMO that will go ignored?

(Source: g4tv )

Rumor: Free to Play Business Models Coming to 360

The free to play business model has been the backbone of Facebook games, iPhone games, and even saved some MMO’s such as LOTRO and Champions Online. The basic working are that while you can play a majority of the game for free they make it faster to get content by paying smalle fee of usually up to 10 dollars for something really good. It seems Microsoft may smell some money and they want to let Free To Play games come onto their console.


IGN grabbed a quote from what they called a trusted source that saying “[Microsoft] will allow publishers and developers to release games through the service for free where users can then purchase additional content, such as weapons, experience points, in-game currency, and perks.” It is still just a rumor, but it could be a very big deal. The only true issue being Microsofts tendency to lock all online simultaneous play behind the door that is an Xbox Live subscription. As far as Free to Play games go it almost defeats the purpose if you have to pay an extra fee anyway.



Lord of the Rings Online Revenue Spike From Going Free to Play

Lord of the Rings online is the most recent MMO out there to change their pricing model. By going mostly free to play with some items you can buy and different tiers of service they have doubled their revenue. The highest number of players online at one time has increased by 300% and about 20% of previous players have returned. Just goes to show that if you change your plan and try and compete differently then World of Warcraft more games can make it in the MMO space.

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