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Portal 1 Free Until September 20th

Have you been hiding under a rock for several years? Perhaps I can suggest you play the fantastic PC/Mac Puzzler Portal, because it’s free now. Atleast for the next 4 days you can pick up Portal on Steam for absolutely free. In case you don’t have Steam you can get it here and not only are you on your way to an amazing puzzler, but you also finally have the best way to buy PC games.

Portal 2 is also available for 30 dollars and just as fantastic and even funnier than the first game so if you like what you see with Portal 1 then you need to pick it up.


Rumor: Walmart Might Be Dropping the 3DS Price 2 Days Early.

Keep in mind this is just a rumor coming out of Cheap Ass Gamer, but if it is true you could get a discounted 3DS and all 20 of the free games all in one swoop. Cheap Ass Gamer is reporting that they have an anonymous source telling them that Walmart plans to drop their 3DS to the new 170$ price point on August 9th, 2 days before Nintendo’s planned drop. It is just a rumor, but you should definitely check out Walmart on the 9th if you’re really desperate to get those 20 free games.

As a day 1 adopter I already know I will be getting those games and while I am sure some might complain about people getting the perks of the full priced console for less, but I personally could care less. It’s not like they didn’t have to go out of their way to do so.

*Update* Our very own Baltes has contacted some Nintendo reps in response to the rumor and has been told that it may not make a difference. If one retailer lowers the price before the originally planned date they will change the date.


New Club Nintendo Awards Revealed

Club Nintendo has revealed some honestly pretty disappointing rewards. Platinum members can score a set of 25 pins featuring various Mario characters, and Gold members can get a 2012 calender. Considering the platinum rewards in the past, such as the special Punch Out Wii! Wiiware download that let you fight against Doc, but there isn’t much to complain about because as long as you qualify for them the prizes are free so hurry up and claim them. If you didn’t qualify this year there is always next year and hey maybe they will have something cooler than some silly pins.

Team Fortress 2 is F2P4Ever

See what I did there with all those numbers and letters. I am pretty clever like that, anyway, this news hit last night so I am sure many of you already know that along with the new Medic update for Team Fortress 2 the game is going free to play forever. That means anyone with a steam account can start rocket jumping and bonking away their days. Valve has shown interest in the free to play format several times and recently added a section to Steam specifically for free to play games, so this isn’t a huge surprise. It also makes perfect financial sense because TF2 has pretty much been bought by almost everyone that was going to buy it, and this way they can open the market for even more people to buy hats.

You can check out the Meet the Medic video after the jump.


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UPDATED: Kirby TV Wii Channel For Europe, Unconfirmed for US

Yes, you read that right – From the Official Nintendo Magazine UK website, the lovable pink ball is getting his own TV channel, filled with brand new episodes of Kirby’s cartoon, consisting of fifty episodes.

While this is from the UK website, this means there is no indication whether the Americans are getting the same deal as those in the UK, but the free channel – yes, free, zip to pay – will be updated twice a week, with a new episode on a Monday, then a Thursday. While the first episode will always be there, as episodes become older, they will be taken down to make way for the newer ones.

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally watching these –  Kirby Right Back At Ya was shown around in 2003 on a children’s channel in the UK, and distributed by 4Kids! in America.


EDIT: Turns out the episodes are Kirby: Right Back At Ya – still free, but sadly not the new episodes – thanks for rctgamer3 for giving us more info.


Sony Says Wait Once More With Feeling This Time

PSN is down and no one can buy anything or play online games. Sony has been telling us to wait constantly for the past few weeks and pushing back dates over and over. It looks like they have finally just given up on specific dates, but they are saying that it should take a couple more days. Which is what they said the time before and the time before. If you don’t know about the current issue over at Sony, they were hacked by an unknown group and had a lot of their networks security compromised. Information such as names and passwords are confirmed stolen, but they continue to say that they aren’t sure any credit card info was gotten.


The first aspect of PSN that will be coming back up will be online games and to compensate for the wait Sony is going to be offering 2 free games off of PSN from a list of 5 and to PSP users another 2 free PSP games off of PSN from a list of 4. We can only assume that these games will be first party Sony releases most likely, but not much more than that. You can read the full quote here as well “I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.”.



New Freebie: Viriax

Viriax is a vertical platformer of sorts where you are a virus swimming through a victims organs to infect their core and kill them. It features some “Top Quality FMV” surrounding the levels and for the most part is about time your swimming correctly to dodge and kill nanobots and white blood cells.  The in game graphics are a classic 16 bit style and look really cool. It is also, as many games are going now-a-days a procedurely generated game with randomly created levels. You can get it over here at Locomalito, creator’s of Hydorah and the FPS 8bit Killer.


Beta Version of Iconoclasts Available Free

Konjack is an indie developer who has made numerous great 2D action games with tons of style. The creator of Noitu Love 1 and 2 as well as the 2D interpretation of Zelda, The Legend of Princess, has just released a free short unfinished game named Iconoclasts. Unfortunately he cites lack of funds for the halt in its development. However, you can check out his other games and download this short beta version here. I highly recommend all of Konjack’s games and hope you check them out.

(Source: TIG)

FTC Investigating “Free” Iphone Games

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has recently began to investigate mobile games that are advertised as free but then offer virtual goods that cost real money in the games itself. The FTC claims that this is especially “dangerous” for games targeting younger audiences.

Apparently, many parents had been complaining that their young children managed to make many purchases on “free” games right under their notices. There was even one example of a young child spending $1,400 in a Smurfs game.

FTC Chairman John Leibowitz said in a statement, “Consumers, particularly children, are unlikely to understand the ramifications of these types of purchases.”

Massachusetts Congressman Edward Markey responded, “What may appear in these games to be virtual coins and prizes to children result in very real costs to parents. I am pleased that the FTC has responded, and as the use of mobile apps continues to increase, I will continue to actively monitor developments in this important area.”

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