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Rumour: 3DS Circle Pad Add-On Revealed? (Update)

With the Tokyo Games Show coming up, it’s no big surprise that rumours are flying around – however, this one appears to have a lot more weight behind it than most, with a picture appearing of what seems to be the attachment for the 3DS’s second analog stick.

As seen in the picture below, the image was revealed in Famitsu this week, showing the addition being a clip on cradle that also adds some shoulder buttons. There are high hopes that this will help the 3DS against the Vita with Monster Hunter series producer Ryuji Tsujimoto stating that it is indeed a “secret weapon”

Take a look, and see for yourselves whether it’s a mock-up, or completely legit under the more banner here.

(Source: Siliconera )

Update: Kotaku has revealed a little more about the add-on, with the add on being more a cradle for the 3DS, and blocks the game slot and wireless switch, so that will be taken off to switch games every time. It’s being called ugly, and potentially one of the ugliest pieces of Nintendo Kit…What about the Virtual Boy?  Everything else seems to be unblocked though.

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Graverobbing a PS3

A young man, Bradley McCombs, passed away on Christmas Day in Pennsylvania.  On his funeral was adorned some of his favorite video games, including a Ps3 and a small fortune in games.  Unfortunately, Jody Lynn Bennett, a fellow Pennsylvanian, stole the items from McCombs’s casket and attempted to sell them for drugs.  The man was eventually caught after a tip to the police, and was charged with “theft, abuse of a corpse and intentional desecration of a venerated object”

The mother of the deceased man actually apologized for the thief, blaming the actions on a drug problem.

What a jerkface!

Source: Destructoid

Code’s Corner : Games of the Year 2010

My name is Code, and welcome to my corner!  [It’s the tiny office with 3 walls.]  2010 was a remarkable year in gaming, mostly due to my purchase of an Xbox360, and finally having access to all the titles on all consoles.  There was no shortage of amazing titles this year, spanning all consoles and genres.  So what was the best of the best?  Which titles won over my heart in each console?  Join me after the jump, and find out!

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Entertainment Weekly : Recalls Kirby Epic Yarn Fiasco

You may or may not have caught Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen stating that Kirby’s Epic Yarn was the WORST game of 2010, because it was “too cute”.  While I’m a strong proponent of free speech and allowing the opinions of others to be heard, Jensen’s reasoning behind the game’s flaw as the worst game [which, frankly, let’s look at some Wii shovelware and compare the two] were weak and baseless at best.

Apparently, Jensen also admits it at this point.  He openly admits that the purpose behind the making of the “worst” game segment was to spark a controversy and get the gaming world talking about “cuteness” in gaming.

Frankly, I don’t see where a “cuteness in gaming” kind of controversy would go anywhere.  Do we really want to completely kill the entire family-friendly market of games?  Gaming market divisions would just as rather cut off their right arm and enter a Twister tournament.

Source:  Destructoid

Game Informer tops Time Magazine

You read that right!  Game Informer, with a whopping 4,364,170 paid subscribers, has just recently surpassed Time Magazine in terms of subscriptions and circulation, to take the #7 spot in the US Consumers Magazines top 25 list.  To add to the amazement?  It’s a mere 100K away from taking National Geographic off the #5 spot, and coming into the top five most subscribed consumer magazines!

While I’ll be the first to admit that there are several HEAVY factors in their success [a low yearly subscription rate, GameStop perks and awesome covers], I still find it amazing how much success the magazine has found.  Makes me wonder why we don’t have a more active gaming political entity.

Source:  Joystiq

Saint’s Row “3” and Saint’s Row Movie Readying for Annoucement

Fans of the Saint’s Row franchise can rejoice!  [Ok, so pretty much just me around here can rejoice].  Saint’s Row developers announced that the next installment in the Saint’s Row series as well as a live action movie are going to be announced next month.  While no details were announced regarding either of the projects, developers assured gamers that both will remain as “over the top” as the previous games.

If the movie is as over the top as the games, then I think I’m going to cry tears of joy…

Source:  Joystiq

In-Game Advertising Axed at Microsoft

Happy news for gamers like me that despise in-game advertising!

Microsoft recently decided that they will be ending their in-game advertising developer, Massive INC.  Despite the relatively high face value of the company, Microsoft is looking to sell it for only a fraction of what it was originally worth.  The decision behind this wasn’t so much motivated towards gamers complaining, but rather because it’s much cheaper to advertise through the XBL marketplace, and negotiating in-game dealings seemed to cause more of a headache than it was eventually worth.

Despite the reasons behind it, I’m fairly happy about this, mostly because I’m not fond of Pepsi popping up in the middle of my gaming experience.

Souce:  ConsolePress

Square Enix TGS Confirmed/Updated Lineup

Square Enix fans can enjoy the following titles, which will recieve coverage at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show:

Front Mission Evolved
Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
Lord of Arcana
Tactics Ogre
Call of Duty: Black Ops
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
The 3rd Birthday
Mind Jack
SaGa 3
Gun Loco
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XI
Final Fantasy Legends
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Final Fantasy Agito XIII
Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International
Unannounced Tetsuya Nomura project – Possibly Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy

I’m especially excited about KH:ReCoded, because then SE will have no excuse to begin production of Kingdom Hearts III.  It’s been 5 years guys.  FAR TOO LONG TO WAIT.  Unless you’re Duke Nuke’em fans.  In which case, my condolences.

Source:  NintendoEverything

Who Ya Gonna Call? MYTHBUSTERS!

Worst.  Pun.  EVER!

Anyway, onto the big news!  For fans of the hit television show Mythbusters, you’ll soon be treated to them busting some video-game releated myths!

“At some point there will be a video game special,” stated Adam Savage, one of the show’s hosts.

After delving a little deeper, the Mythbusters plan on busting some common video game myths.  Such as video game racing affecting real life racing, having a teenager race a professional race-car driver, using only the knowledge he’s received from racing games.  I certainly hope it wasn’t GTAIV or Saint’s Row.  It was also recommended to recreate the Assassin’s Creed roof plunging, to see if it’s actually survivable. Yikes..

Meanwhile, it’s my sincere hope that they address the fact that holding a gun sideways like Yuna from FFX-2 does not make for good aim.   Or that skimpy armor cannot hope to block bullets and/or swords.  [I’m looking at YOU Rikku!]

Source:  Kombo