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EA Announces Gamescon Lineup, Live Streaming

EA has announced what they will be featuring at Gamescon this coming week as well as live streaming of their conference from their website as they did last year.

EA’s full lineup includes:

– Bulletstorm
– Crysis 2
– Darkspore
– Dead Space 2
– Dragon Age 2
– EA Sports Active 2
– FIFA 11
– FIFA 11 Manager
– EA Sports MMA
– Medal of Honor
– Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
– Rock Band 3
– The Sims: Medieval
– Star Wars: The Old Republic
– Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part One
– The Sims 3 (Console)
– Madden NFL 11 (iPhone)
– Monopoly Streets

EA’s press conference takes place this Tuesday, August 17th at 4PM CET

You can watch the live stream from EA’s site here

(Via: VG247)