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Gaming Retailers vs. Inattentive Parents

In my line of work, my main responsibility is printing photos, however, half of the time I am also required to keep an eye on the game section of the store. It amazes me how often that a customer will come up and argue why we can not sell a blatantly seven or eight year old kid an eighteen-rated game. Join me in this article as I muse on the continuous battle between retailers and inattentive parents.

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Gaming Pirate : $350K in Settlement

It doesn’t pay to be a pirate!  Or to use public e-mail.  #headdesk

Qiang Bi, a 36 year old man from Ohio was sentenced to several charges, including:  copyright infringement, mail fraud and identity theft over the span of 4 years, while he illegally sold pirated games for $10 a piece.  Bi was caught after sending a spreadsheet with his illegal activities to his personal e-mail account at his Nationwide Insurance job.  His employer quickly contacted the FBI, which immediately began an investigation.

Bi was forced to pay $367, 669, which covered his illegal sales, which also forced him to forfeit his home, car, computer and personal electronics.

Source:  Kotaku

Gaming Elitism and a Personal Challenge

We’ve all heard it.  We’ve all thought it.  We’ve all essentially been guilty of it at some point.  The statements like Final Fantasy >Barbie Horse Adventures or Action<RPG.

That’s right.  Gaming elitism.  Join me after the jump when I talk about my personal experiences with gaming elitism, how I got myself out of it, and a challenge I have to all of you to fulfill this weekend.

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Shrinking the Gamer’s Head : Battling Addiction?

South Korean psychiatrists recently discovered that a popular anti-depressant seems to have a somewhat odd effect on gamers, in that it helps “cure” them of their “addiction” to Starcraft.

The drug, known as Bupropion [aka: Welbutrin ] was recently used in a study to confirm or deny the allegation that it was able to curb the “urges” to play Starcraft.  Total gaming time was down by 35.4 percent, whilst gamers reported a 23.6 percent reduction in cravings.  Psychiatrists were elated at the results, and gladly pronounced the study a success.

The study originally began as a means of helping combat South Korea’s population, which had a whopping two million of its residents addicted to the Internet and online gaming.  The addiction going as far as to causing divorces between married couples, and general unrest in family and social life.

Alongside curbing the urge to “Zerg it up”, the antidepressant was also reported as a means of assisting smokers addicted to cigarettes.

Although, the release of Starcraft II, the very existence of the World of Warcraft and its ever expanding empire will probably ruin hundreds of thousands of research dollars.  Way to go Blizzard.  Way to go.

[Author’s Note:  Do not, under any circumstances, treat this as medical advice that you should take. TSG, myself, and the sourced website are not doctors, are not psychiatrists, and have zero desire for you to try/attempt this drug to cure any addictions you feel you may have.  All medications have side effects that can be potentially dangerous to your health.   If you feel you have a problem, please consult a doctor/psychiatrist and not a random blogger.  Please and thank you.  :D]

Source: GossipGamer

Deal a Day: Weekend Roundup Oct. 18th

Today I think we have a lot of hot deals…I think people are gearing up for the holiday season. I can’t wait to post about the “Black Friday” deals.

Xbox 360 Elite bundle (with 120gb hdd): $224.95 +$3.99 S/H

Sony PSP Mystery Pack (Does not include games): $7.99 +$2.99 S/H per item

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (DS): $12.95 +S/H

3ft S-Video|3.5mm Stereo to Composite RCA|RCA Stereo Combo Cable: $1.69 +S/H

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock (Game Only)(PS2): $7.99 +$5 S/H

Flower, Sun and Rain (DS): $19.98 +S/H

Toys-R-Us buy 2 games get 1 free sale

I love sales like this, although I’d like it even more if I could take advantage of it…

Just like it says buy any two video games from anything in stock, and get a third game for free. The free game will either be the cheapest one, or the third game of three games with the same price point. This sale will also be available online too.

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