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TheSpeedGamers Community GOTY 2011 Video Reveal

It was a month in the making, but here’s the video revealing your choices for Game of the Year. I’m hoping to do this again next year, but done better so yes, any problems you see or have seen, I’ll most likely address them next year. Fifteen people voted, over sixty games were slimmed down to just ten! Who won? Jump in to find out! ((Spoilers: It wasn’t Duke Nukem Forever))

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What Makes a ‘Game of the Year’?

With TheSpeedGamers’ Community Game of the Year voting underway, I’m taking the time to address an issue that has aggravated me with previous claims of “Game of the Year.” Some sites, news sources, awards shows and the like merely look at the sales figures and rationalize that the Game of the Year is merely the game that sold the most copies. Still more don’t know enough about games to decide for themselves, and just listen to the loudest, most obnoxious fans who demand that their favorite game be declared the winner.

Is it sales figures, the most dedicated fans or something more that should be weighed in for considering the Game of the Year? What I’m asking is, what makes a great game?

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