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Rumor: Rockstar Bringing GTA V to Wii Successor

Grand Theft Auto V hasn’t technically been announced yet, but we can probably safely assume when it is, it will be for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  But with all the rumors flying around that Nintendo is starting to ramp up their next console behind the scenes, third parties are bound to be getting their hands on the console.  One of those third parties may be Rockstar Games.


Rockstar Games is a big deal on the the 360 and PlayStation 3, so it’s no surprise that if Nintendo was pushing for the hardcore, it would be a big name to go after. And supposedly they have with GameKyo claiming that the developer already has dev kits for the new platform and is hoping to have Grand Theft Auto V as a launch title. Of course how far after this hits the 360 and PS3 version, who can say. Nintendo’s next platform is rumored to be hitting late 2012.


But again, rumor, rumor, rumor!


(Translation source: GoNintendo)