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Rockstar Receives Substantial Damages from Daily Star Media

Gamers everywhere can finally rejoice with a well earned victory!  Well, a small victory, but a victory all the same.

A newspaper known as the Daily Star published an entirely ficticious story about Rockstar developing a new Grand Theft Auto game revolving around a character named Rothbury [a nonfictional gunman] and claimed it would be based on the Northumberland shootings in Northern England.  Of course, all of this was completely fictional, and Rockstar had never made such plans before.

The icing on the cake is when Daily Star went to still grieving family members and interviewed them about the new title, brining up tides of emotional scares and despair all for the sake of publicity and increased subscriptions.

Naturally, Daily Star never contacted Rockstar in the least to confirm/deny any of these allegations.

As such, Rockstar sued and consequently won its lawsuit against Daily Star, received damages and forced them to pay Rockstar’s substantial legal fees.  While an amount was undisclosed, you KNOW it had to be big.

I cannot believe the NERVE of these people to make something completely up, involve sad and grieving families AND be a professional news center.  At least the games industry finally struck a victory over the slanderous media!

Source: EuroGamer

Rockstar Games teases next location for Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City manual has a ad inside of it that says “Liberty City is over! Next stop!…” and the rest of the ad is ripped out.  It is probably pretty obvious that it is saying that Liberty City is over most likely because The Ballad of Gay Tony just came out, which I’m assuming is the last time GTA will be set in Liberty City. I personally can’t tell if theres any other hidden clues here or not, but maybe you guys can see something.

Check out the full scan after the jump.

(Source: GTA4.net)

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GTA China Town Wars gets dated for the PSP

It was quietly announced back in June that China Town Wars would come to the PSP but little details were revealed about the game. Today Rockstar tweeted that it would be released on October 20th.

What’s going to be interesting is how they transform a game that relied so heavily on an additional touch screen that is non existent on the PSP.  On the other hand, they’ll have boost in graphical capability and a wide screen to work with now.

You will be able to buy China Town Wars through digital download or UMD.