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Doug Church of Deus Ex Fame Joins Valve

He may not be the most famous person to work on Deus Ex but he still has quite an impressive list of credentials. Doug Church has worked on not only Deus Ex but also Theif, System Shock, and Tomb Raider: Legend.


Valve, as usual, isn’t commenting on his exact position or what projects he may be working on. As far as I know, Valve is pretty open about everyone having some sort of input into all of their games. Unless he is a design lead on a new project, his influence might not have too much of an effect on Valve’s projects.


What Does Half-Life 2 Look Like on the Lowest Settings?

I don’t do fun posts that often, I’m usually like “SRS NEWS IS SRS”. But sometimes I like to relax and do one, like Half-Life 2 on the lowest settings possible!

After the jump you can find a video of someone playing the title on the lowest settings. It sort of looks like Minecraft and Half-Life 2 had a baby. A very blocky and blurry baby named Mine-Life 2.

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Rumor: No Half-Life till at least 2011

The wait between Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 3 has been long, and if this rumor is true it will be even longer.

Game Informer picked up a rumor in their most recent issue saying that there “won’t be any game from the [Half-Life] franchise in 2010, and what will finally come out is still unknown,

As of right now the only real details about Episode 3 that we have heard is that valve is trying to incorporate a character who’s deaf and speaks sign language. Cross your fingers for a early Spring 2011 release.

(via: Kotaku)