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Halloween marathon summary

What an excellent marathon. There’s so many people that we need to thank, starting with Capcom. They raised the awareness of our marathon and helped further legitimize what we game for.  As of right now, the community has raised over $8,200 for Diabetes Research and Wellness.  The chip in will remain available till Tuesday Nov.3.

This community really is awesome.  Think about this; we’re just under $2,000 away from raising $100,000 total for various causes. $100,000 in under 2 years!!!!!!! Unbelievable!! This is just the beginning for TSG.

Because of the time of the year it is with the college semester in full swing, prizes might take a bit to come your way. I’ll email the winners this week and get shipping details finalized.

Tomorrow I’ll post the full winner’s list.

Next up, our most highly anticipated Marathon this year:  Pokemon Marathon 2, starting  December 18th.

Enjoy the blog and events we have planned to kill time before our next marathon!