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Microsoft Purchases Halo Kinect Website

People love Halo. People love Kinect. Therefore, the obvious next step would be to combine the two products. Microsoft may be thinking the same thing, as it was discovered today that Microsoft purchased the domain name for KinectHalo.com as early as last June.

This points towards a possible motion control title for the Halo franchise, a concept that seems a little strange. How exactly would you be able to shoot your gun? Not to mention, another shooter from Microsoft, namely Gears of War: Exile is also rumored to be Kinect compatible. As long as we’re not petting Covenant forces in various mini-games, the idea seems like it could have some potential for strong sales.

It’s hard to know what we can expect from the Halo franchise after Bungie is out of of the picture. With rumors of this new Kinect title, a rumored HD remake of Halo: Combat Evolved, a rumored Halo 4, and some new rumored DLC for Halo: Reach, something needs to get confirmed already.

(Source: CVG)

Rumor: 343 Industries to Make Halo Remake

While it’s only been about three months since the release of Halo: Reach, Bungie’s swan song to the series, as well as the latest expansion for the game releasing just yesterday in the form of the Noble Map Pack DLC, talk of the next Halo game has already begun.

It’s well known that Bungie will not be making any more games in the Halo franchise, with the project being passed over to 343 Industries, an internal Microsoft company. Recently, a U.K. magazine called Games Master announced that 343 Industries’ first release will be a remake of the original Halo: Combat Evolved.

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Halo Reach Helmet for Charity Auction

Got some big bucks you’d like to donate for Child’s Play?  Are you a fan of Halo?  If so, then march your butt over to  Ebay and get involved in the auction for a legendary sculpted helmet that was worn by Emile.  It was created by a master Halo replica artist Daniel Yuan.

All proceeds will go to benefit Child’s Play and the Brian Wood Memorial Trust.

Check out the full sized image after the jump or through our source link.

Source:  Joystiq

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Halo : Combat Evolved Remake “A Good Idea”

Before the Halo fanboys drool too much over their keyboards, nothing is confirmed at this point, so let’s get that out of the way.

Microsoft Representative, Steven McGill stated that a remake of Halo: Combat Evolved [the first game that began the highly successful Halo series] “I imagine it’s a good idea. I think some people want to go back to older games and see them revisited and I think a lot of developers want to see that too.”

With games like Metal Gear Solid and God of War getting compilation packs for the PS3, it makes one wonder if such a thing could be possible with the Xbox360 and the Halo series.  As somebody that missed about 3/4 of the Halo franchise, I’d be happy to get my hands on them.   Then again, anything that could shut up the “3D and motion controls” in the gaming developer world would make me a VERY happy person.

Source:  Gamerzine

Halo: Reach Cheaters (Abusive Farmers) Pay the Price

In most newly released games, players find ways to exploit the game for their own benefit, and Halo: Reach is no exception.

These cheaters had been boosting for in game currency, or credits, by completing in game daily challenges and disconnecting from Xbox Live, which resulted in the cheaters getting credits but not completing the challenge. Thus, they could keep earning the credits.

However, Bungie has now taken action against approximately 15,000 cheaters by resetting all of their credits. In addition, the cheaters will have a one day ban for earning credits.

Bungie clearly means business, so it’s advised to not cheat, a standard rule of thumb when it comes to video games. Eventually, there WILL be consequences.

(Source: Joystiq)

Going Beyond the Call : Halo Reach

As a gamer, I always wish to try new and interesting things, and as a writer, I wish for you to experience many different types of columns.

The experiment:  Play/buy a video game that I know NOTHING about and have zero prior experience with.  Write about my experience and how I would rate the game/story/series!  Profit?

This week’s experiment took me once again into deep space, and the popular first person shooter franchise Halo.  After the jump, join me as I experience my first Halo game, how I really feel about it, and whether or not it’s worth the hype.
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Reaching out to Pirates

Sad news to gamers out there that download and played the leaked Halo Reach.  Microsoft is not amused and is taking names.  All names, actually.  Any gamer that is found to have a pirated copy of Halo Reach is having their Xbox Live tags and account banned from the network.  After the jump, take a look at the letter Microsoft is sending out to players unfortunate enough to have received the wrath of the all mighty Microsoft.

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Bungie Trademarks Marathon

You don’t hear much talk of Bungie’s titles before they made the Halo series. But before Halo, Bungie had another first person science fiction shooter called Marathon in 1994 that was a Mac exclusive.

It looks like the old franchise might be making a return in some form though. Bungie recently trademarked Marathon.

If anything ever sees the light of day from the Marathon franchise, it can be pretty much anything at this point – a straight port, a remake, or a new entry.

(Via: Destructoid)

Halo: Reach details

Halo Reach may not be the most hyped game in the Halo series, but there is one thing we can probably tell about it: It is Halo and it will probably be, at very least, pretty good.

The most recent issue of Game Informer has some exclusive details about the title that may get you a bit more excited for the title.

Halo Reach seems to be going back to the roots of the series, readopting some of the features from the original Halo. The shield/health system returns from the first title and many of the areas will be similar to the levels seen in the original Halo.

As of right now, arsenal wise, we know that the spike and flame grenades will not be in Halo: Reach. But there will be a new equipment slot where players can have power ups that can be swapped in and out.

As for the Visuals, Halo: Reach will be using a overhauled Halo 3 engine which allows for more units and objects to be on screen at once. The increased number of units on screen allows for large scale battles that players have yet to see in past Halo titles.

How do you feel about turning the franchise back around towards the first game’s mechanics?

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