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Square Enix Would Consider a Final Fantasy HD Collection

Recently PS3Trophies.com asked Kitase over at Square Enix what they thought about the proposition and his response was a positive “We haven’t made up our mind about that yet,” said Kitase, “but if there was a strong voice coming through from the users asking for such porting, then obviously we would seriously consider it, but no actual plans yet.”.

Perhaps if every Final Fantasy fan spoke out at once they would hear us and comply. While I may not be a Final Fantasy superfan I can understand why this would be very appealing. Of course we have no idea what games exactly they would choose for this collection and without some significant touch-ups I can’t imagine many of the PS1 titles looking all that hot in HD.

Last Guardian Delayed

Once again developers delay a highly anticipated game and fans get sad. Ever since we were calling The Last Gaurdian Trico it has been a long and arduous road. Looks like it’s about to get even longer as the game has been delayed into 2012 possibly. Considering the date before then was just 2011 Holiday, and even that was only for Japan for certain. Hopefully it isn’t delayed a full year and it’s only into January or February.

Nikolai Reigns in an Anarchistic Fashion

Another character for Platinum’s HD action game, Anarchy Reigns, has been announced as Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin and he has a super cool weapon. Obviously as you can tell from his name you can tell his weapon is a variation on the Tesla Coil but in robot fist form. There is a new character trailer to go along with the announcement so check it out after the jump.


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No More Heroes Red Zone is another HD Version of No More Heroes

No More Heroes Red Zone is going to have a lot of new features some of which aren’t really a big deal in America but are in Japan. They are bringing the blood to the Japanese version of the game and giving it a CERO Z rating. It’s will have Playstation Move support, 5 bosses from No More Heroes 2, 10 new missions, a Boss Battle mode with online rankings, and a “forbidden view” mode.


Considering we are seeing No More Heroes Paradise I doubt we will also be getting yet another version of No More Heroes in America, but it is cool that they are adding so much stuff to a super cool game.


First Screens for Sonic Generations

My history with the Sonic franchise is well known by frequenters of the 24/7 stream. Still I know that it is a beloved and well liked franchise and Sega appears to be delivering what fan’s have been asking for, A classic Genesis style sonic game. From the screens of the recently announced Sonic Generations it looks like Sonic 2 rendered with polygons.


Essentially this game is what Megaman Universe would have been but for sonic. You can play as Classic Sonic and Green Eyed Sonic and they have their own unique moves. It will be set across three era’s of sonic games having both 3D and 2D levels. Seems pretty interesting in concept to me. I might actually check this one out when it releases Holiday of this year. Check out some assets after the jump.


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TitS coming to Chinese PC’s near you!

While Falcom Fanatics are still eagerly anticipating Ys I & II Chronicles for the PSP, They might also be interested in the PSP version of Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky coming out in the near future. To any Chinese games out there, Falcom are working on a PC port of the game that is exclusive to China. The game will feature full HD graphics and it will support control using a mouse, keyboard or a gamepad. Chinese PC ports of JRPG’s aren’t as uncommon as you might believe, the most common examples being that of Suikoden I&II which were never released anywhere else in the world. The Limited Edition of the PSP version will recieve a US release sometime next month.

Source: (Siliconera)

Japan Says That Catherine Is Too Hard

The highly anticipated game from the Persona team, Catherine, came out in japan last week. The game has adventure aspects wrapped around a verticle platforming block puzzle game. According to many Japanese and American players the game is just too hard. Most people playing are interested in the story aspects and apparently Atlus made the puzzle bits excruciatingly hard even on easy. Luckily Atlus is going to release a patch to address the difficulty soon. I understand people don’t want to be frustrated by a game, but I think they should leave the original difficulty options in there for someone who want’s that challenge.


See Vincent Run in Catherine’s First Gameplay Video

Catherine has been on my radar ever since it was first announced as the next game from the Persona team. So far all we have been given are bit’s and pieces that lead up to some sort of Social life based Erotic Horror game. Heavy on story and light on gameplay. Today we get our first glimpse of how the “action” portions of the game will play out. It looks like a traversal based puzzle game where you can move blocks and have to find the fastest way up the tower to avoid a demonic lady in a wedding dress with a giant fork.

Check out the full video after the jump.

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The God of War Collection has been Digitized

The Collection that was released last year is now making it’s way onto PSN. It’s unclear whether they are selling them together as one or separately, but both games are indeed going to be the 720p remastered versions released on disc. The only thing that won’t make it is all of the bonus materials that shipped on the disc version.

It’s pretty cool that we are actually seeing PS2 games on PSN, even if it isn’t the exact way I would have wanted it.

(Source: Giantbomb)

More Rumors Supporting Splinter Cell & Prince of Persia HD Collections

You gotta love the internet. We recieved word of retail listings from a website named Zavvi for HD Collections of both the Splinter Cell Trilogy and Prince of Persia Trilogy.

Both collections were first rumored to be in production when a French Amazon listing featured both titles last month.

These will be very similar to other HD collections released such as the God of War and Sly Cooper Series.

According to Zavvi, the Splinter Cell HD Collection will release on November 26th 2010, while the Prince of Persia Collection will come out on March 11th 2011.

More details after the jump.

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