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Starcraft II:Heart of the Swarm May Not Make 2011

Yes, I’m just as disappointed in reading that title as you are.

Developers say they would be “hard pressed” to complete and release the expansion pack to Starcraft II by 2011, and Battle.net directors alluded to an early 2012 release.  Although 2011 isn’t out of the running, it’s best to not get ones hopes up.  Then again, we waited how long for Starcraft II itself?  [/angrily glances at Blizzard]

Souce:  Joystiq

Sketchin’!! – Happy Valentine’s Day!

So yeah, just something adorable for you all for Valentine’s Day. D’AWWW HOW SWEEEEEEET!!! Also thanks for your suggestions for the comic! I’m now going over them and deciding which ones to use in what capacity. Some of the ideas particularly struck me, but will in all likelihood show up much later in the story. Keep an eye out though!; my goal is to work in at least one idea from every person into the overall plot. Anyway, under the cut is some disgusting cuteness…
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