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Heavy Rain “Move” Patch 9/22

Heavy Rain, a recently released Playstiation 3 title, is getting revamped for the Playstation Move and will be avaialble for all gamers on September 22, 2010.  If you’re not certain if the game is worth your time there will be a free playable demo available via the Playstation Network on Tuesday, September 28, 2010.

The game is said to have increased levels of immersion, with the gameplay feeling more like the actual person playing it, rather than a robot getting controlled with a mere controller.  Use of the regular Playstation 3 controller is still an option, however.

So try it out for yourselves!  Or not!

Source:  Playstation Blog

Sketchin’!! – Tiny Weapons Guy

Hey all. Still ridiculously busy with Offline Stuff. I can’t seem to catch a break :< Though hopefully I’ll have some killer projects to show you in the future. Until then, have a Tiny Weapons Guy. Feel free to use Tiny Weapons Guy as a blog or forum avatar. If you use Tiny Weapons Guy in other sites and people ask where he came from, link ’em back to The Speed Gamers! Tiny Weapons Guy will have then served his purpose. I mean, other than amusing me way more than he should.