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Eschatos Hits Japanese Stores Tomorrow

Eschatos is a Danmaku bullet hell shooter in the same genre as that of the various games CAVE puts out and the Touhou series to name a few examples. After the recent earthquake in Japan, Qute Corporation informed its fans that the game would have its released delayed. In a move that has come completely out of left field, Qute announced today that the game would be avaliable to purchase from tomorrow.

The best thing about this announcement is that Qute has already confirmed that the game will be Region Free so anyone who has enough money to import it (the game is currently available for ~$80) doesn’t need to own a Japanese Xbox 360. As has been mentioned many times before, the game will come with two obscure Wonderswan shmups as an added extra to anyone who buys the game (Judgement Silversword and Cardinal Sins). Of course, you could always wait until the Platinum release of ESPGaluda II (which has been confirmed to be region free) however spending ridiculous amounts of money on some of the most obscure titles you could imagine has become some sort of ritual for CAVE fans which the world will never understand.

Source: (Siliconera)

Lost Planet 2, Nier Gestalt and ESPGaluda II Go Platinum in Japan

In a recent announcement made by Microsoft Japan, three new titles will be added to the Platinum line for the region.. On March 14th, Lost Planet 2 will recieve its budget release reducing the price to ¥2,990. While that may not sound particulary interesting (considering Lost Planet 2 is already out in English), The following week, Nier Gestalt (The one that was released in English, unlike Nier Replicant) will have its price slashed to ¥3,990. The most important information to come from this is that on April 28th (ironically, the day El Shaddai: Ascention of the Metatron comes out), a platinum version of ESPGaluda II will be released for the 360. Unlike the other two games, ESPGaluda II is region free and so it can be imported and played on non Japanese 360’s. CAVE’s Danmaku Magnus Opus will be avaliable for ¥2,940 for anyone who has yet to import it yet (or alternatively, get the Iphone version).

Source: (Andriasang)

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 PSN Bound

Radiant Mythology 1 was a game styled like a MMORPG containing various cameos from the Tales of series as well as having the unique story mechanic of having the main character interested in women no matter which gender you pick for the protagonist (It was also released in the US, even the UK!). Radiant Mythlogy 2 was never released over here due to poor sales of the first game however to anyone with access to a JP PSN account it will be possible to import RM3 without the hassle of import tax.

The third game in the series contains a huge amount of characters compared to predecessors with a total of 80 playable characters (76 playable). The game will cost 5700 en digitally (~$70 but that’s inflation for you) and 6279 en (~$75) and will be released Febuary 10th 2011.

Source: (Tales Union)

Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets Double Pack Confirmed As Region Free

Some of you may remember the first news post I ever did in which during this years CAVE festival, they announced that two of their most niche games (even by their standards), Pink Sweets and Muchi Muchi Pork would get a release in one disc for the Xbox 360. CAVE themselves said that ESPGaluda II would be thei last region free release so no-one really expected that the bundle would be playable on overseas consoles. Well, it is. More after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

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Mamoru Kun Heading to PS3 On March 31st

In terms of shmups, the Japanese Xbox 360 is widely accepted as the main console of choice due to the large amount of games for the system, even if most of them are made by CAVE (Deathsmiles IIX, Dai Ou Jou, KETSUPACHI!!!) The main reason for this is that the Wii can’t handle the processing power that is required for these types of the games and the PS3 is much too expensive to produce games for. Cyberfront is hoping to buck this trend with the release of Mamoru Kun which will hit the PS3 in Japan March 31st. Continue reading Mamoru Kun Heading to PS3 On March 31st