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World of Goo hitting Iphone For as Little as $1

World of Goo was an interesting indie project by 2D Boy for the PC (later ported to Wiiware where both versions received much critical acclaim) which involved connecting blobs of goo together in order to create towers that would lead the blobs to a sewer pipe where they would be free from their current surroundings. 2D Boy confirmed that the iPhone port of their game would be released soon. As an even bigger incentive, Anyone who gets the game within the first 24 hours of its sale will only have to pay 99 cents compared to the game’s regular $2.99 price. 2D Boy also confirmed that the game will only work on an iPhone 3GS, an iPhone 4 or any third gen iPod Touch or higher.

Source: (VG247)

Nicalis bring NightSky over to Windows Tommorow

As mentioned yesterday, Nicalis are a group who specialise in releasing updates of cult indie hits and bringing them to a more mainstream audience, (They are most well known for the updated remake of Cave Story and the soon to be released remake of La Mulana). Their next release which is an updated version of the indie hit NightSky will be released tommorow for Windows. NightSky is a creation by Swedish company Nifflas who have also created Within a Deep Forest and the Knytt series. The game itself looks interesting, World of Goo springs to mind with  maybe some shades of Lmbo in there. Either way, I’ll leave the trailer after the jump so you can decide.

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Cave Story to be released on DSIWare

Cave Story is a popular indie game which is not about CAVE making awesome shooting games but it is stead Nicalis’s own aweome shooting game taking the classic fel of 8 Bit games and merging it into his own creation. Today, Nintendo Power confirmed not just that Cave Story was stil being planned for a UK release, but also that the game would be released in DSIWare. More after the jump.

Source: (Kotaku)

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