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Team Meat’s McMillen Working on The Binding Of Issac

One half of the men behind the critically and fan acclaimed Super Meat Boy has announced that he is working on a new game titled The Binding of Issac. We don’t know alot about it yet except that he is working with Florian Himsl who made Coil and the venereal disease game, C Word and Danny Baranowsky who worked on the score for Super Meat Boy.

The Binding of Issac is planned to be a much smaller game and has nothing to do with Team Meats “Feature Length” game that they are currently working on. The most information we have about the actual contents of The Binding of Issac is that it’s a play on McMillen’s favorite game of all time.



New Freebie: Viriax

Viriax is a vertical platformer of sorts where you are a virus swimming through a victims organs to infect their core and kill them. It features some “Top Quality FMV” surrounding the levels and for the most part is about time your swimming correctly to dodge and kill nanobots and white blood cells.  The in game graphics are a classic 16 bit style and look really cool. It is also, as many games are going now-a-days a procedurely generated game with randomly created levels. You can get it over here at Locomalito, creator’s of Hydorah and the FPS 8bit Killer.


The Amazing Indie Mech Action of Hawken

Independent games usually pride themselves in their interesting mechanics at the lack of graphical fidelity, but not Hawken. Hawken is a multiplayer FPS mech game where you are in a mech with a jetpack and it looks gorgeous. From the cockpit view to the lighting and cool looking environments this game could be mistaken for a full sixty to fifty dollar product. There’s no word on any sort of customization, load out, or any modes other than a standard Deathmatch but it’s looking great. Look out for it on PC sometime in the future and check out the latest gameplay trailer after the jump.


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Beta Version of Iconoclasts Available Free

Konjack is an indie developer who has made numerous great 2D action games with tons of style. The creator of Noitu Love 1 and 2 as well as the 2D interpretation of Zelda, The Legend of Princess, has just released a free short unfinished game named Iconoclasts. Unfortunately he cites lack of funds for the halt in its development. However, you can check out his other games and download this short beta version here. I highly recommend all of Konjack’s games and hope you check them out.

(Source: TIG)

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet At PAXEast

An indie game I have very much been looking forward to since I first saw the trailer a year or so ago, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, is going to be as PAXEast in about 22 hours. If you aren’t familiar with the only trailer they put out the game is a beautiful shooter platformer where you are a spaceship. You have to dodge hazards and shot bosses, and other normal video game fare. The major difference being the simple quality of animation is something I almost thought would be lost when we switched to Polygonal games. In case your interested their booth number is #850. Check out the trailer after the jump.


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