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New Infamous 2 Trailer

I had almost completly forgotten that we were getting a sequel to the fantastic Super Hero open world game Infamous this year. Set in a New Orleans style town where you will be battling monsters and people alike with both ice and electric based powers. The game sems really interesting although I really want to know how you get you hands on ice powers. Sadly the trailer is strictly story based comic style cutscenes. Check out the trailer below and a bunch of screenshots.


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Sucker Punch : “Infamous 2 Better Graphics than Uncharted 2”

Hoo-boy, and I thought that Trion World developers were nuts.

Anyway, the developers of Infamous 2 are wanting to set the newest benchmark in graphical greatness by having its upcoming title Infamous 2 to have better graphics than the current undisputed champion of Uncharted 2.  While they offer no proof to their desired claim, the development team seems very confident.

Although it’s a shame to have such great graphics and keep Cole with that terrible haircut.

Source:  Sprong

Infamous 2 : Receiving Multi-Million Marketing Campaign

Looks like Sony is really pushing Infamous 2 out the door for this upcoming year.  Sony has reported that they will be spending MILLIONS in marketing campaigns, including advertising, merchandising, product displays and national media coverage.  With the game coming out later in this year, expect to be seeing a lot of Infamous 2 details very shortly.

Infamous 2 will be continuing from the previous title, while Cole travels to New Marais in search of a researcher that can assist him in defeating “The Beast”.  Because Cole is still being the central target of blame for Empire City’s destruction, he hopes to redeem his name and bring new hope to the world.  That, or make everyone your electro-slaves.  Whichever one floats your boat.

Source:  Examiner

New Infamous 2 Details

Great news for Infamous fans!  The latest issue of the Playstation : The Official Magazine came with a full 10 page spread of Infamous 2 goodies, and I’m frankly excited about a lot of them.

  • Gaming Rating of T
  • 6 currently identified areas of play [no details on if they are fully explorable or not] : Plantations, St. Ignatius Cathedral, Fort Philip, St. Charles Cemetery, Ville Cochon, and Ascension Parish
  • The prod weapon on Cole’ back is known as “The Amp”.
  • The new rival antagonist group Cole will be facing [you saw these in the E3 demo] are known as “The Corrupted”
  • Infamous save files will transfer and affect gameplay to a certain degree.
  • The game’s karma system makes a comeback, with a late game decision that will cause two TOTALLY different roads of play, unlike the previous title’s barely affected storyline.
  • Blast shards will be making a comback, and Blast Cores [parts of the device that gave Cole his original powers] will be taking the place of Dead Drops.

Release date is still to be announced during 2011.

Source:  IGN

Rumor: Infamous 2 Gets Move Support

Today we got a surprising “announcement” on Sony’s official site. Infamous 2 was listed, among other games, to feature Playstation Move support. This is still just a rumor, as Sony has not officially confirmed this. Sucker Punch, the company behind the series, was last noted to be considering Move, so it’s definitely a possibility. Hopefully, we won’t be forced to use Move, but the option to would be nice. Which control style will you choose?

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Sucker Punch Takes a Step Back

It was revealed from Sucker Punch, during Sony’s session at Comic-Con, that the new and friendlier looking Cole  would not be starring in the game Infamous 2, as originally announced.    Developers stated that they wished to create Cole much in the same manner as he was in the first game, hoping to stay more in line with his original personality and quirks.  Oh, and his frowning.  Gotta have the frowning.

At Gamescon, we were given our very first peek at the “new” “new” Cole.  Take a peek at the before/after pics, as well as the new trailer for Infamous 2 from Gamescon after the jump.

New 250GB PS3 bundles for Europe

Sony will be offering Europe a slew of bundles in the upcoming month, all of which are bundled with the 250GB PS3 slim.

The first will be avalible October 1st, which allows you a choice between two Greatest Hits titles or a copy of InFamous. The second bundle which is coming on the 16th will be bundled with Uncharted 2. And the last bundle, which leans more to movie fans,will be available October 19th and will have a copies of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Dark Knight, and a Blu-ray Remote.

(Source: Destructoid)