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Cammy Added Via DLC to iPhone Version of Street Fighter IV

If you thought the character roster was a bit light on the iPhone version of Street Fighter IV, there is some good new.

Capcom confirmed today that Cammy will be on the way via DLC. Thankfully, the content comes at the best price of all – free! But as of right now, Capcom has not announced when the character will be available or whether or not more characters will be on the way.

You can check out some screen shots and some gameplay after the jump.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to check out Britt’s review of the title.

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Dark Void Zero Heading to PC and iPhone With Added Features

If you missed out on Dark Void Zero thanks to a lack of a DSi, you will soon be able to pick it up on other platforms.

Capcom has announced that Dark Void Zero, a 8-bit retro side scroller, is heading to both PC and the iPhone. It will be available on both platforms starting April 12th.

The new versions feature achievements and leader boards for speed runs and high scores. If those added additions don’t sound fancy enough for you, the game also has a secret new ending you can get.

Pricing details weren’t announced, but the title costs $5 on DSiWare. So we can probably expect something comparable.

If neither the DSi, iPhone, or PC are the platform of your choice, keep in mind Capcom recently said Dark Void Zero seems like “a natural fit” for consoles. So, there is a good chance we may see it on those platforms as well.

(Source: Kotaku)

Original Tony Hawk Pro Skater Coming to iPhone

The Tony Hawk series hasn’t been doing so hot recently, but those who have a soft spot for the original may want to turn their eyes to the iPhone.

Tony Hawk announced that the title is heading iPhone. No real details have been announced, but a single screenshot along with Tony Hawk playing the game on an iPhone has been released.  You can check those out after the jump.

(Source: Gamesradar)

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Street Fighter IV iPhone pricing details revealed; character roster revealed

Next month you will be able to take Street Fighter IV on the go with your iPhone after paying the lovey $10 price tag for the title. Not a bad asking price, especially when players might be hesitant to pay more with the touch screen controls.

The character roster, which you may have already seen in IGN’s video, consists of eight fighters. Ryu, Ken, Guile, Blanka, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, M. Bison and Abel all made the jump to the portable version. Capcom has yet to comment on if they will be adding more fighters down the line.

(Source: GamePro)

Street Fighter 4 heading to…iPhone?

When thinking of ways to control fighting games you usually think of arcade sticks, D-pads, or in some cases the analog stick, but would you consider playing a fighter using a touch screen? Capcom thinks so as they will be bringing Street Fighter IV to iPhone.

Come March you will be able to duke it out in Street Fighter IV anywhere you go with your iPhone. Using the touchpad as buttons and a joystick, players will be able to pull off all of their favorite combos from the console version at any time of the day. But if the default control’s don’t suit your fancy, then you will be able to choose from some other alternative control styles.

Capcom is determined to make the game look good though despite the major differences in hardware. The game uses graphics pulled straight from the code from the console versions and have been scaled down for the platform.

As of right now, Capcom only would confirm Ryu, Ken, and Dan ( who was confirmed via Capcom’s official twitter for the character), but promises that the title will have a large roster including classic Street Fighter characters and the new comers from Street Fighter IV.

On the go fighting with the computer might be a fun time killer, but the real meat of a fighting game is the ablity to play against other players. You can do just that using the iPhone’s blue tooth to battle out against other human opponents.

You can expect to see Street Fighter IV on the app store some time next month. In the mean time be sure to check out some screen shots over at IGN.

(Source: IGN)
(Dan confirmation via Destructoid)

Lumines headed to the iPhone

Puzzlers and iPhone users rejoice, Lumines will be available for the iPhone mid-late September as part of a marketing push. Included in the push are Lumines Supernova and Lumines Live  price drops and a re-release for Supernova’s Holiday Pack. Also getting re-releases are the Heavenly Star and Breeze Skins featuring the Genki Rockets.

Little details are known about the iPhone version except for the inclusion of brand new skins and music.

Source: Q Entertainment Bringing Lumines To The Iphone