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Jailbreak gets Restraining Order

Looks like the pirating isn’t the lucrative business as Hotz [the jailbreak developer] originally thought!  While the court case revolving around the big PS3 code cracking is ongoing, the United States Court recently issued a restraining order against the jailbreakers, keeping them from distributing, linking or even so much as encouraging the program in question.  They are also forbidden from sharing any secrets that they may have acquired during their cracking sessions.

Most importantly, however, is that they are being forced to surrender all technology involved with the process.  Although their lawyers are throwing a fit over this, and are currently contesting this aspect.


Source:  EnGadget

Newest PS3 firmware cracked

I’ve been hearing reports (from Ninboycl) of this magical USB stick called the PS Jailbreak that you plug into your PS3, install, and then you can play backups. When you’re done just power down the console, unplug the dongle, and go on your merry way. Obviously we here at TheSpeedGamers are all about legitimate backups though, just thought I should mention that.

Anyway specs and stuff after the jump

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