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Phoenix Wright Live Action Movie Confirmed

Takashi Miike, most well known for his unsettling films Ichi: The Killer and Audition, is being put behind the helm of the live action Pheonix Wright movie. While I have never seen a movie by him in the same light hearted fashion that I associate with Pheonix Wright I have seen him do comedic films before.


Takashi Miike is one of the most experienced directors around having directed around fifty four films since 1991 when he started. The movie is going to be foriegn language of course and may not come out in America, but I am sure fan subs will rear their head soon after it’s japanese release in spring 2012. I am incredibly excited to see both Takashi Miike doing a light hearted movie and Pheonix Wright come to life on the silver screen. For more information on casting check after the jump.

Source (Giantbomb)

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No More Heroes Red Zone is another HD Version of No More Heroes

No More Heroes Red Zone is going to have a lot of new features some of which aren’t really a big deal in America but are in Japan. They are bringing the blood to the Japanese version of the game and giving it a CERO Z rating. It’s will have Playstation Move support, 5 bosses from No More Heroes 2, 10 new missions, a Boss Battle mode with online rankings, and a “forbidden view” mode.


Considering we are seeing No More Heroes Paradise I doubt we will also be getting yet another version of No More Heroes in America, but it is cool that they are adding so much stuff to a super cool game.


Final Fantasy VI details for Japan

We found out that Final Fantasy VI is getting a re-release in japan on the PSN and we now know the price. It’s going to be the PS1 version that added cutscenes in and it should cost around 1,200 Yen which is around 15 dollars US. Final Fantasy VI is often considered the greatest Final Fantasy game and most definitely one of the finest 2D JRPG’s ever made. We can only hope this release makes it over to the US.


Pokemon Typing DS Get’s an Adorable Trailer

There is absolutely no way that Pokemon Typing DS will get localized considering the weird keyboard peripheral they are shipping it with. Still we can always enjoy it’s cute marketing materials and maybe if you really want to you could import it for an exuberant price. Nintendo has released two new trailers showing off the game and how it plays. If you want to check them out hit up the jump.


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Vote For Your Favorite Mega Man Figurine

Capcom Japan has put out a poll for you to vote for your favorite Mega Man character, Once the poll closes they’ll make a figure of the most popular character. Mega Man is probably on of my favorite franchises and I would find a way to vote one way or the other. Luckily, Capcom Unity has provided some simple how to pictures to help you vote. You can vote here . The rules are that you can only pick three characters.


If your favorite isn’t on the list, there is a spot at the bottom of the list for a write in. After that, the numbers are for your age range and then the part after that is for your favorite Mega Man series. Going from left to right and top row to bottom row it’s Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Starforce, Mega Man Zero, Mega man ZX, and Mega Man Battle Network.


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Ghost in the Shell Promotion Makes Great Use of the Kinect

To promote the new Ghost in the Shell:  S.A.C. Solid State Society movie coming out in Japan, Kamakura-based developer, Kayac, have used Kinect and some projections to immerse people in the world of Ghost in the Shell. They recreate the world of Stand Alone Complex through the projections and use your motions to control a game where you are supporting a Tachikoma mech.


It’s super cool, but it is only available in Japan. It’s a bit disappointing  as Ghost in the Shell is one of my favorite anime series. If you happen to be there right now, you can check it out in Shibuya Parco from 3/24 to 4/19.



UnchainBlades ReXX announced for 3DS

The 3DS is reletively light on big games for it’s future and even lighter on big RPG’s. I personally felt that both the PSP and the DS were defined by taking upon themselves the RPG’s that could no longer be developed on Console due to the higher cost of HD development. As a big fan of the DS for the exact reason that it had JRPG’s I really hope that stays true on the 3DS. So far we have a new game from a little dev named Furyu. It’s a collaboration of all kinds of different character designers from Idol Master to the Shining series. The actual game itself is set to be the “Ultimate dungeon RPG” and takes place in a world where monsters are the dominant people. When the monsters are young they have human form until they later grow wings and come into their true potential. You play as a monster who has been exiled to human form and play along with other young monsters who are still in their human form. The game sounds odd but atleast it’s a bit original. We have no news of a US release at all and we might not see one considering the size of the publisher. Let’s just hope maybe Atlus picks it up.