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OILD – Northwall

Hey again! You all are spreading the word about our marathon on the 16th, right? We’ll be playing for Rockin’ H Ranch, and it’s going to… well… ROCK. Also you all need to get on over to the OILD ’11 Facebook page, not to mention play some Fantasy Kingdoms! Today’s level has it all; a snowy nation, frozen caves, and an ice dragon! It’s Northwall, from Actraiser!

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OILD – Holiday Lemmings

Day 5 of OILD! Are you celebrating! You better! Just like you’d better be visiting the OILD ’11 Facebook page! Go, go! For the good of the city! Likewise, you’d better get into Fantasy Kingdoms! Those folks are being a huge help, so let’s give back, ok? Today’s “level” isn’t really a level, but a whole game! It’s Holiday Lemmings!

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OILD – Ice Area

The fourth day of OILD is upon us. HOORAY! Have you visited the OILD ’11 Facebook page? You should! And have you been playing Fantasy Kingdoms? You’d better be! What if I told you some upcoming items were drawn by me? Clearly that in and of itself is a selling point. And yes, I promise they’re not hideous rainbow nightmares like I usually draw. You can actually tell what the items are supposed to be in FK! Anyway, let’s look at an ice level from a nifty little indie game. It’s the Ice Area, from Spelunky!

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OILD – Crystal World

Man, the third day of OILD and already we’ve done quite a bit! Notm put up an OILD 2011 page, we may get some remixes yet, and we made some new friends in the crew of Fantasy Kingdoms! So, what do you plan on doing to help promote? Let us know! Today’s level is one of the few featured levels from an arcade game. But man is it ever a fun one! It’s Crystal World, from Gradius 2!

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New Bios Pictures!

You know how you tidy up the house when you’re expecting company? Well I figured the 20 million zillion people tuning in for the Star Wars marathon shouldn’t make do with those OLD bio pictures. And so many people have joined the staff since then! So they needed pictures too, right? So I took the liberty of updating everyone’s picture on the Bios Page. And give a hand to Local for dealing with the hassle of updating the section itself!