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Xenoblade Chronicles gets UK release trailer… released

During the short periods of the time where the citizens of the UK aren’t laughing at unsuccessful efforts to bring over such game as The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower (We call this Project Divine Retribution), they are waiting for the release of the much anticipated Xenoblade Chronicles which is set to hit games stores everywhere (in Europe) on August 19th. In order to satisfy such needs of Wii exclusive JRPG’s made by a company whose games are only liked by one person on the entire planet, the awesome people at Nintendo of Europe unveiled the trailer that will be supplemented with the release of Xenoblade Chronicles. The trailer can be found after the jump and people who are offended by scenes involving British accents in a video game may want to proceed with caution.

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Hyperdimensional Neptunia Mk II heads towards the PS3

Hyperdimensional Neptinia was a JRPG (As if you couldn’t tell by the name alone) created by Compile Heart for the PS3. The general plot of the game was that the world of Gameindustri and its various regions (Planeptune, Leanbox, Lastation and LaWii all corresponmd to the codename for the Nintendo Gamecube and the various consoles in the seventh generation of consoles respectivly) are under attack by Arfoire (A reference to the Nintendo DS emulation device R4) and you as the goddess Neptune need to defend the world through the powers of Historie (The book, not the manga). As you can see, even the general plot of the original game contains lots of various references to the current state of the console war, the same way Segagaga did when it was first released for the Dreamcast. While it didn’t gain many positive reviews by the gaming media, Compile Heart nevertheless confirmed today that a sequel is in the works.

The sequel takes place in a world where the aforementioned Arfoire has taken over Gameindustri and has reduced the once peaceful land into a region devoid of creativity and innovations. But fear not! For three new sisters have entered the desecrated land to restore peace to the once great land. The brave warriors go by the name of Nepgear (Reference to the Sega Game Gear), Uni, (Reference to the Sony PSP), and the twin sisters Ram and Rom (Reference to Random Access Memory and Read Only Memory). Gameplay wise, Compile Heart says that Neptunia Mk II will have improved graphics and a revised battle system (a common criticism of the first game). Compile Heart have even hinted at the evolution of the world of Gameindustri itself, such as how everyone communicates in real time chat with references to El Shaddai, Mario, Tales of… even Segata Sanshiro of all things! Hyperdimensional Neptunia Mk II is set to come out for PS3 in Japan sometime this August, with no mention of an overseas release date.

Source: (Siliconera)

UnchainBlades ReXX announced for 3DS

The 3DS is reletively light on big games for it’s future and even lighter on big RPG’s. I personally felt that both the PSP and the DS were defined by taking upon themselves the RPG’s that could no longer be developed on Console due to the higher cost of HD development. As a big fan of the DS for the exact reason that it had JRPG’s I really hope that stays true on the 3DS. So far we have a new game from a little dev named Furyu. It’s a collaboration of all kinds of different character designers from Idol Master to the Shining series. The actual game itself is set to be the “Ultimate dungeon RPG” and takes place in a world where monsters are the dominant people. When the monsters are young they have human form until they later grow wings and come into their true potential. You play as a monster who has been exiled to human form and play along with other young monsters who are still in their human form. The game sounds odd but atleast it’s a bit original. We have no news of a US release at all and we might not see one considering the size of the publisher. Let’s just hope maybe Atlus picks it up.


Last Story Has A Battle Promo Check It Out!

Last Story is probably the most anticipated JRPG being developed for the Wii and is looking to possibly be the Alpha and Omega of truly great JRPG’s on the Wii. It has things like a wierd conversation system where your party members are always conversing and the battles are a bit MMORPG esque. You can check it out for yourself after the jump.

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Hajime Tabata Interested in Porting Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII to 3DS

Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII was a prequel action RPG originally designed for cellphones. The idea seems similar to the KH: Recoded Remake, however Tabata has said that he does not just want to port it. He is very impressed with the 3DS’s capabilities and would like to modify the game to suit the new platform.

Before Crisis focused on the actions of the Turks as they performed covert operations for Final Fantasy VII’s Shinra Corporation. From some quotes Tabata made it seems that he would like to change the games scenario and make it co-op focused. He said “Completely changing the scenario composition and game design for the 3DS, if it were an action RPG BCFF7 that lots of Turk players could simultaneously play at a dizzying pace… Wait a second; this work is not an official announcement of course.”

So while it is not confirmed he is expressing interest.