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Pokethon Wrap Up

Pokemon 2014 is a wrap! The TSG community raised over $32,000 for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital. We have such a great team and community and it truly does take us all to produce these events. One of the many highlights was having Nob Ogasawara take part in the marathon. The items he gave us to auction off were amazing and raised over $4000. What we especially enjoyed were the great interviews. We loved Nob’s insight and humor. He had the room laughing constantly during both of his interviews.

Up next for us is our 24 hour Kirby Minithon which will take place in August. We will finalize the dates very soon. We also announced our next year’s week long event through a live skit. We will be playing Mario for our one week summer marathon in 2015. Also keep in mind, to end this year we will be doing our very first 72 hour Sonic Marathon on Dec. 12.

Be sure to chat with us on our forums! See you all soon ūüôā

Kirby Mass Attack Review

Like the 3DS, the DS didn’t exactly have a fruitful line-up at launch. Most titles were your typical launch titles or experiments to learn how to use the touch screen. Kirby Canvas Curse was one of the first original DS titles that gamers could truly say was an stellar experience on the platform. Now that the 3DS has been out for seven months, the DS is slowly but surely working its way out. It’s almost fitting that Kirby would also be one of the last titles for the platform, but can Kirby provide the same bang the end of the DS’ life that it gave the DS’ birth? Continue reading Kirby Mass Attack Review

Super Mario Advance 4 and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror coming to the 3DS

As part of a surprise announcement by Nintendo, the 3DS would receive a large¬†price cut (80 dollars for the US)¬†a mere six months after the 3DS was released worldwide. As compensation for anyone who has a 3DS before the price cut point (August 12th), Nintendo would be giving away 10 NES games and 10 GBA games to anyone who has accessed the 3DS shop channel before August 12th. So far, Nintendo confirmed that on the NES side, Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Jr, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber and The Legend of Zelda would be available as well as five unknown titles. Along with Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ and three unknown titles, Nintendo of America customer service also confirmed that Super Mario Advance 4 (Super Mario Bros 3) and¬†Kirby and the Amazing Mirror¬†would be avaliable. While these two games were not mentioned in the original press release given by Nintendo, NintendoWorldReport contacted the Nintendo of America customer service and they recieved a confirmation of the announcement. The NES games are set to be avaliable to early adopters of the 3DS from September 1st while the GBA while the GBA games will befully distributed by the end of the year.

Source: (Nintendo World Report)

UPDATED: Kirby TV Wii Channel For Europe, Unconfirmed for US

Yes, you read that right – From the Official Nintendo Magazine UK website, the lovable pink ball is getting his own TV channel, filled with brand new episodes of Kirby’s cartoon, consisting of fifty episodes.

While this is from the UK website, this means there is no indication whether the Americans are getting the same deal as those in the UK, but the free channel – yes, free, zip to pay – will be updated twice a week, with a new episode on a Monday, then a Thursday. While the first episode will always be there, as episodes become older, they will be taken down to make way for the newer ones.

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally watching these –¬† Kirby Right Back At Ya was shown around in 2003 on a children’s channel in the UK, and distributed by 4Kids! in America.


EDIT: Turns out the episodes are Kirby: Right Back At Ya – still free, but sadly not the new episodes – thanks for rctgamer3 for giving us more info.


Kirby DS Title Still in the Works

Remember that Kirby game we heard about some time ago on DS, featuring a bunch of small Kirbies on screen at once? Well, it’s not dead! The title was featured in the most recent Famitsu issue, complete with new details!


Atsumete! Kirby, which roughly translates to Gathering! Kirby, has players controlling not one, not two, but up to ten Kirbies at once. ¬†To get up to the ten Kirbies mark, the Kirbies have to devour fruit to produce more Kirbies. Once you’ve created your Kirby army, you can mass them on enemies like Pikmin to defeat them. ¬†Controls are mainly focused on the touchscreen. Tap on the screen and a star will appear. The Kirbies will walk toward the star. Double tap and they will run. Once at the star, they will latch on so you can move them easier. If one of your Kirbies fall in battle, it’s not over for him. Using another Kirby you can go help them, but only before they become an angel and float off the screen.


As of right now, the title is coming exclusively for the Nintendo DS. Japan can expect the title this year. You can check out the Famitsu Scan below.


(Details: 1UP)

Continue reading Kirby DS Title Still in the Works

Nintendo Foreshadowing Slim 2011 Line-Up for Wii?

If you’re a Wii owner in North America or Europe, there hasn’t been much for you in 2011. Mario Sports Mix…¬†Mario Sports Mix… That’s really the only title we’ve had launch this year. We’re in April and we’ve only see one Wii release by Nintendo. So what is Nintendo telling their fans right now? ‘Wait till E3, then we’ll blow your mind!’ With E3 2010’s line-up of Wii titles, that definitely seems possible. But are recent moves by Nintendo of America and Europe suggesting a slim line-up for E3 2011?


Continue reading Nintendo Foreshadowing Slim 2011 Line-Up for Wii?

Nintendo Announces New Wii Titles

Nintendo 2011’s release list looks fairly slim. There’s Mario Sports Mix next month, and Zelda… And that’s about it. Not anymore! Well, at least in Japan. ¬†Nintendo announced two new Wii titles today while also reconfirming that Rhythm Heaven is coming to the Wii.

You can check out info on the new titles after the jump.

Continue reading Nintendo Announces New Wii Titles

Entertainment Weekly : Recalls Kirby Epic Yarn Fiasco

You may or may not have caught Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen stating that Kirby’s Epic Yarn was the WORST game of 2010, because it was “too cute”. ¬†While I’m a strong proponent of free speech and allowing the opinions of others to be heard, Jensen’s reasoning behind the game’s flaw as the worst game [which, frankly, let’s look at some Wii shovelware and compare the two] were weak and baseless at best.

Apparently, Jensen also admits it at this point. ¬†He openly admits that the purpose behind the making of the “worst” game¬†segment¬†was to spark a¬†controversy¬†and get the gaming world talking about “cuteness” in gaming.

Frankly, I don’t see where a “cuteness in gaming” kind of¬†controversy¬†would go anywhere. ¬†Do we really want to completely kill the entire family-friendly market of games? ¬†Gaming market divisions would just as rather cut off their right arm and enter a Twister tournament.

Source:  Destructoid

OILD – Rainbow Resort

Here we are with Day 10 and¬†a rather cute little¬†ice level. It’s Rainbow Resort, from Kirby’s Adventure!


It may not have a very “icy” name, but Rainbow Resort is a pretty cold place. Not only is it an arctic land, but Kirby sees it right in the middle of the night. The world map even has an aurora borealis visible in the sky! In reality, Rainbow Resort sort of breaks the “ice level” trope; instead of running through different climates and immediately being hit with a frozen land, Kirby’s Adventure eases you into the icy climate by introducing ice stages near the end of the previous stage. The¬†area is just crawling with snowman enemies called Chillys and dangerous penguins called Pengys. You even get to see the standard ice cave. Unfortunately you don’t get to see too much of the ice and snow before Kirby makes it to a tower full of mini-bosses. After the mini-boss rush, Kirby scaled a frozen mountain by climbing up a series of icy platforms. After that, Kirby was able to reach the stars and the Fountain of Dreams. There he fought King DeDeDe, but the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land might not be as threatening as he seems…


Whooooh! It’s today’s wallpaper of the intro to Rainbow Resort! Go here for the full version!

Whooooh music! Here’s the Rainbow Resort music from Kirby’s Adventure. And here’s Frozen Fantasy from Kirby Canvas Curse, which is actally a remix of Rainbow Resort!

And whooooh remixes! I Want You Inside Me has a risque title, but it’s a great remix of Rainbow Resort, by halc!