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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in Blue Teaser Trailer revealed

For all you TitS fans out there (such as CaramelSlice), Falcom revealed the first trailer for the sequel to the PSP Remake of the second game in the Sora no Kiseki trilogy. At the end of the trailer, it’s revealed that the limited edition will contain the game as well as a Drama CD and two official Nendroids represnting Tio and Elle.  The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky will be hitting US shores March 29th and Trails of Blue will be released in Japan on September 29th.

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Falcom’s TitS just got Blue

Falcom’s beloved series The Legend of Heroes, whose first installment entitled Trails in the Sky will be released in NA late March for the PSP, will have the second chapter: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue. The game will follow a couple of months after the events that unraveled in TitS as the game continues the adventures of the main characters. Trails of Blue is expected to refine a lot of the established mechanics in TitS as well as fleshing out the mythos of the world. The game will go on sale in Japan on September 29th as either a regular edition or a limited edition containing an exclusive Nendroid as part of the package. There are currently no plans for a US release though considering XSEEDs previous track record, it won’t be too long until it’s confirmed for good.

Falcom teases a new annoucement

Falcom, the Japanese RPG developer who are famous for making the Ys series as well as the Legend of Heroes games and  told their fans through Twitter to keep an eye on their website on November 4th. The last game released by Falcom was Zero no Kisegi which was the latest game in their Legend of Heroes saga. This, Sora no Kiseki vs Ys and Ys: The Oath Felghana are the only games Falcom have released in Japan last year as well has having released Ys SEVEN earlier this year in America.

Source: (Siliconera)