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Ocarina of Time 3DS Review

My name is Dagfari, and I’ve never played Ocarina of Time before this week. I was a Sega kid, I had the Master System 2 and the Sega Saturn, before moving onto the Playstation. And for years, I’ve often wondered to myself “Why is Ocarina of Time hailed as the greatest game ever?” Thanks to the re-release of a spruced up 3DS version, I get to experience for the first time what is so special, so let’s dive in without the nostalgia goggles!

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Darksiders 2 Will Star a New Character

The really cool Zelda style game Darksiders is getting a sequel and it will star a new character this time around. Danny Bilson, THQ executive vice president, revealed that the story of Darksiders 2 will be concurrent to Darksiders 1 during his keynote speech at the IGDA Leadership Forum. He said “There’s only one apocalypse — I couldn’t very well have four different apocalypses, one for each rider,” he then went on to say that they will be building upon the foundations of the original and introducing new game mechanics. The worst part of this news is that we probably won’t see the game for another 2 years.

Darksiders is essentially dark Zelda at it’s core, but that seems a bit dismissive. The game is very innovative in introducing combo heavy battles to the Zelda formula and an overall darker tone.

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Summer of Zelda – SQUADALA! I’M OFF!

Hey all! I have some bad news; I might not be able to reach my computer for a few days D: I’m going to TRY to upload new stuff, but who knows. A certain unfunny bearded dork has been instructed to not take my well-deserved spotlight from me in my absence… which means he will undoubtedly try it anyway. AT ANY RATE here’s a whole slew of pictures. I’ve been updating my DeviantArt with them, but didn’t have time to post them here. Actually I don’t have time to post them here NOW either, but you gotta do what you gotta do, you know?

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Summer of Zelda – Kagoron

HEY ALL! YOU NEED TO VOTE FOR ACT TODAY! You know, I’m starting to wonder what’s going on here. How can all this daily voting cause ACT Today to SLIP in the rankings? This is goofy. Anyway, remember to remind your friends and family to vote too, ok? AND NOW, FOR NO REASON AT ALL, KAGORON…

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Summer of Zelda – Midna

C’MON LET’S VOTE FOR ACT TODAY FOR THE PEPSI REFRESH PROJECT!! ALSO LET’S VOTE FOR ACT TODAY IN THE CHASE CONTEST. DO IT! NOW!! Rumor has it there’s some kind of “surprise” tonight, but I have no idea what it is. It’d better be good considering all the terrible jokes I put up with >(  ANYWAY here’s today’s character: MIDNA!

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