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You Asked For It! Squint’s Earthbound LP

You know, Squint and I talked a lot before the Mario marathon. He had a ton of questions and he wanted his first marathon appearance to be good! When to get there, what kind of run to try, how to talk on camera, where to stay, etc. He’s a good guy and he wants to do things right. And one thing I stressed during those conversations was “don’t say anything bad about Earthbound.

Well we all know how that turned out, don’t we?

As a peace offering and a donation incentive, he offered to do an Earthbound LP if we got $1,000 over our goal. After all, he should give the game a fair shake, right? And hey, he might even learn to love it!

So here we go! Follow Squint’s journey through smiles and tears with EARTHBOUND: THE LET’S PLAY. OR LET’S PLAY EARTHBOUND. ONE OF THE TWO.

Follow along in his quest, and join in on the forum thread! Let’s cheer him on as he gets through one of the best games ever 😀