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Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Trailer, Likely NA Release

During the Tokyo Game Show, publisher Capcom was present en masse, promoting their products heavily. Among the promotional materials were flyers in English promoting Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, the first time Capcom has recognized the English title. In addition to that was the statement that English character names were TBD, stopping just short of officially announcing the game for a North American release.

Among the teasing text was the official trailer for the game, and I swear that if they pull a Mega Man Legends 3 on this game there will be heads rolling…

Anyway, the trailer is after the jump.


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Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute Trademarked

The Nintendo 3DS has been out and on the market for two months now. And while Nintendo’s portable focus will be on the latest platform this year, Nintendo DS owners may still have some surprises from Nintendo. Siliconera dug up a trademark for Professor Layton and the Specter’s Flute.  Considering the fourth and final DS entry in the series’ Japanese name translates to Professor Layton and the Last Specter, we can probably assume that this title is one and the same. But localized, of course!


A trademark isn’t a confirmation but generally is a good sign, especially with a series as successful as Professor Layton. Japan recently got the six title in the series, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, which was a launch title on Nintendo 3DS.

White Knight Chronicles II Heading to North America This Summer

Almost a year after its Japanese release, North Americans are finally getting their hands on White Knight Chronicles II ! Unlike in Europe and Japan, the title is being published by D3 in North America.


In the sequel, players can now create massive knights of their own, known as Incorruptus and use them online. The title also promises new weapons, armor, spells, skills, features and all that other good stuff.


White Knight Chronicles II features a whole new adventure, complete with online multiplayer to further improve your character. Although it might take you awhile to get finished with what White Knight Chronicles II has to offer offline. Not only does it include another full length adventure, it also includes a remastered version of the original White Knight Chronicles. If you’re looking for a game with a lot of mileage, White Knight Chronicles 2 definitely has you covered.


White Knight Chronicles II is a PS3 exclusive and will be hitting North America this summer. The title has already been announced for Europe landing sometime in May alongside the PSP title. The PSP title has yet to be announced for a NA release.

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Level 5 to Show Off Oodles of Games

Level 5 is the premiere Japanese developer at this point with the success of Professor Layton and the creation of their new US branch that will not only localize games, but also develop them. Level-5 holds an event called Level-5 Vision every year, and this year Level-5 is claiming that they will be showing off twenty new games. The CEO has said that, while mobile titles are included in that list, we should expect something on the level of their recent collaboration with Studio Ghibli at this event.


Trailer for the English Version of Inazuma 11

Inazuma 11 has been around for quite a while in japan and has been successful enough to spawn 4 games from Level-5 so far. Inazuma 11 is essentially a soccer RPG for the DS based on the Pokemon gotta-catch-em-all method. There are tons of players that you can get onto your team and you need to go convince them so that you can continue to win against all odds. It’s finally coming to the west now, but only in europe so I suppose us Americans can always import the European version.

Me being a big sports anime fan I really want to check this game out, and I might just import it to do so. Check out the english trailer after the jump.


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Inazuma Eleven to get English Release

Level-5’s Soccer RPG is finally getting translated, but it’s only for Europe. Right now it looks like it’s going to be in Norway and Sweden only. This game never saw the light of day in America for the obvious reason that Soccer isn’t the most popular sport over here. I personally have no interest in soccer, but I love sports anime and the idea of a sports RPG of any type fascinates me.

Nintendo’s Norwegian website currently lists the title for a January 28th release. Nintendo of Europe is planning a UK release as well, but only after launching the anime series in Europe.

(Release Date Via: Eurogamer)

Level-5 Reveals Time Travelers for Nintendo 3DS

Time Travelers, sound familiar? The title was announced back in April, but was pretty much kept underwarps aside from a piece of concept art. Today, we have a leaked trailer and screenshots!

As the title implies, Time Travelers is a game about time traveling. The game follows a high school girl named Minkoto Shinchimi and a terrorist called Skeleton. Both characters have knowledge of the future.

Not much else was said. The game’s director, who worked on the Japanese only 428, promised a unique story back in april. “I have ideas for a time travel story that no one has done before, not even in movies or novels.

As of right now, this is one of those titles that is a big question mark on whether or not it will come to North American or European. Level-5 expects the title to be big in Japan, and plans on selling at least 500,000 units.

(Source: andriasang)

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Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton to get crossover game

At Level 5’s press conference earlier today, The companys CEO Akihiro Hino announced with Ace Attorney creator, Shu Takumi that their Professor Layton series will cross over with Shu’s Phoenix wright series for a brand new project for the 3DS. According to Andriasang:

“The game’s story has Professor Hershel Layton and Phoenix Wright (Ryuichi Naruhodo in the Japanese version) finding themselves in a different world. They come to the medieval city of Labyrinth City, where reality and illusions are intertwined. This strange town is also home to witches, who hide in the shadows, and is a place where magic is real. It has also been home to a number of impossible occurrences of late.

The city is controlled by a villain named Story Teller. The story he writes with his pen becomes reality as the future of the world.”

Other details of the game are scarse and the release date has yet to be announced. See images after the jump.

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Professor Layton and the Lost Future Launching This October in Europe

Rejoice! The third Professor Layton title will be launching in Europe October 22nd.  The title will be launching under the name Professor Layton and the Lost Future.

The North American release is set for September 20th, a month earlier. The title is actually under a different title as well: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.

Two more games in the franchise remain on the Nintendo DS, while the sixth title will be launching on Nintendo 3DS.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Heading to North America This September; October for Europe

While the sixth Professor Layton makes its jump to Nintendo 3DS, the third DS title is making its way overseas finally. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future has been confirmed for both North American and European release. North America can expect the title September 20th, and Europe some time in October.

This title concludes the original Professor Layton trilogy. Two more titles are still left on the Nintendo DS for localization. Even after the 3DS launch, like the Gameboy Advanced, Nintendo DS will probably still have a lengthy life-span. So hopefully those titles will make it in time.

(NA Source: Siliconera)
(EU Source: Nintendo Everything)