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No Valkyria Chronicles III for North America or Europe

In case you are still holding out for a PSP release of Valkyria Chronicles III, SEGA put to rest those hopes confirming that the lack of popularity of the platform will keep the title in Japan.

Hiroshi Seno, team manager of console sales at Sega cites high localization costs and low sales of Valkyria Chronicles II as the reason for the title not seeing a localization.

The lack of western interest in the PSP is a problem plaguing a lot of titles right now, like Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd that hasn’t shown any sign of localization.

It may not be time to give up entirely, though. While nothing is confirmed,  Seno said Sega will speak to Sony about a release on PlayStation Vita next time they meet.

(Source: GameSpot)

Rumour: The Last Story Coming To Europe

Hands up if you know who Mistwalker are? No? They’re the company behind Lost Oddysey and Blue Dragon, two rather spectacular RPG’s that were released on the 360 a few years back. It’s been radio silence from them since a second sequel for Blue Dragon on the DS, however a UK Nintendo Rep recently said that European Wii owners could expect to see their latest, so far Japanese exclusive offering, The Last Story, somepoint in the future.




For those unfamiliar with The Last Story, I don’t blame you – details are rather scarce, as you’d expect with Japanese exclusives, as to the plot and setting, though the game is a third person, cover based RPG – using crossbows in a similar fashion to most cover based shooters. While nothing official has been announced from Nintendo Global Headquarters, it would be strange to have a game released in the UK before the USA.


Source: http://www.n-europe.com

Sega Says Yakuza 4 Will Come Over Mostly Intact

The hostess stuff will be back in Yakuza 4 after the outrage that followed the gigantic cuts from Yakuza 3.  Community manager Aaron Webber said that he did not know if any of the game’s side-quest were going to get cut, however both Mahjong and some dress up games with the hostesses will be in it.

It looks as though Sega has finally realized who is buying the Yakuza games in the west and what they are interested in. An accurate depiction of Japan with all of the trappings of their modern culture, and of course the absolutely insane plot that you would only find from Yakuza based fiction.

(Source: Computer and Videogames)