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Mamoru Kun Heading to PS3 On March 31st

In terms of shmups, the Japanese Xbox 360 is widely accepted as the main console of choice due to the large amount of games for the system, even if most of them are made by CAVE (Deathsmiles IIX, Dai Ou Jou, KETSUPACHI!!!) The main reason for this is that the Wii can’t handle the processing power that is required for these types of the games and the PS3 is much too expensive to produce games for. Cyberfront is hoping to buck this trend with the release of Mamoru Kun which will hit the PS3 in Japan March 31st. Continue reading Mamoru Kun Heading to PS3 On March 31st

G rev ports Mamoru… TO THE PS3?!

After FIVE years, shmup developers finally get some common sense and start porting their games to the PS3 so shmup enthusiasts such as myself can import without having to worry about region locking on say, Microsofts consoles. G Revelutions are best known for making games of various Genres though their most well known series is probably Senko No Ronde, an interesting series that mixes Virtual On style gameplay with that of a more danmaku-esque shmup. More after the jump.

Source: (Siliconera)

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