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Mega Comeback

I slept very well last night after 4 days of Mega Man. This event sure did have a flair for the dramatic.  You guys rallied from what seemed like an insurmountable deficit to hit our goal. We experienced some internet issues less than 24 hours into the event. At one point we were disconnecting every couple of minutes. By Saturday night things had resolved themselves and the internet was back in working condition. Thank you guys so much for sticking with us through those technical difficulties. Approximately $11,800 was raised for Rocking H Ranch. I had so much fun during this event and it was truly a team effort. I enjoyed meeting AlanEdgeHead and Metalman from the forums for the the first time. They were really cool guys to hang out with and huge assets to the team. I look forward to doing more marathons with them in the future. Also big props to our first time player Trombonus. He played during the wee hours of the morning and destroyed his games. We couldn’t have done it without you all.

Our head web guru Local did an incredible job creating his own substitute for chipin which we used during the marathon. He will be making it available for anyone else who would like to run their own gaming events. We will have updates on this on a later date.

Up next, our WEEK LONG FINAL FANTASY MARATHON!!! This is our biggest event of the year and it all begins MONDAY June 24 @6pm central and will end on Monday July 1st.

If you won a prize, emails will go out within the next week asking for shipping addresses.

Thanks again for another memorable marathon!

Megaman 5 and Dino Crisis 2 Going Digital

Dino Crisis 2 and Mega Man 5 have both been listed by the ESRB for Virtual Console and PSN. The story I read is not incredibly clear, but I think that Dino Crisis 2 is going to be on PSN and Mega Man 5 is going to be on Virtual Console and not both on both platforms.


Either way these are classic’s in my opinion and I would be glad not to have to but a new Dino Crisis 2 disc just to play it again. No word of course on when they will be available, but most likely sometime within the next few months.


Vote For Your Favorite Mega Man Figurine

Capcom Japan has put out a poll for you to vote for your favorite Mega Man character, Once the poll closes they’ll make a figure of the most popular character. Mega Man is probably on of my favorite franchises and I would find a way to vote one way or the other. Luckily, Capcom Unity has provided some simple how to pictures to help you vote. You can vote here . The rules are that you can only pick three characters.


If your favorite isn’t on the list, there is a spot at the bottom of the list for a write in. After that, the numbers are for your age range and then the part after that is for your favorite Mega Man series. Going from left to right and top row to bottom row it’s Mega Man, Mega Man X, Mega Man Legends, Mega Man Starforce, Mega Man Zero, Mega man ZX, and Mega Man Battle Network.


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Capcom of Japan Thinks Mega Man Isn’t Popular in America

Capcom is a bit of a funky company. One week they’re giving fans everything they want, the next week they’re charging you for single character roster updates to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This is kind of one of those “…what?” moments out of Capcom.


According to Capcom’s Seth Killian, apparently the Japanese branch of Capcom thinks Mega Man isn’t popular in North America. “There is also sort of this weird issue in Japan where a lot of Japanese developers, at least internal in Capcom, sort of don’t believe Mega Man is popular in the U.S. Like ‘Really? Really really?’ because he is really popular here. People really like the character, X, and everything down the line.” I’m not going to say Mega Man is Call of Duty or something, but I’d say the series has quite a following.


Seth also says talks about what you can do if you’re worried about Mega Man Legends 3 being canned. “Frankly, if you can rally your friends [for Mega Man Legends 3] they are looking at that kind of thing. I gotta say this isn’t a cheap publicity stunt where like (says in a comical voice) you can get all of your friends over to come here and help us out then the game’s future is OK. (back in his regular voice) Those are a contributing factor, but it’s also dependent on the team’s own work and the project they can put together with the budget and timeline they’ve been assigned.


Mega Man Universe was just canceled yesterday. So for now we will just have to wait and keep our eye on Legends 3.


(Source: Siliconera)

Inafune Interested in Making Modern Versions of Classic Mega Man Titles; Fears Lack of Fan Support for Legends 3

Keiji Inafune is currently putting plenty of time in trying to push his upcoming title, Dead Rising 2. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to talk about another huge Capcom franchise, Mega Man.

While Inafune did not deal out any details on anything big like Mega Man Universe, he did spill a little bit about his current thoughts on a couple of potential Mega Man projects.

Anime News Network asked Inafune if he would be interested in recreating Mega Man 3, a title he wasn’t exactly pleased with due to time constraints during development, in a Bionic Commando Rearmed style. Inafune answered, “would I like to remake just Mega Man 3? Probably not so much. Would I like to remake the entire series with a modern look and feel? That’s something I’d be very interested in doing.” It sounds sort of like what Capcom did with Mega Man Powered Up on the PSP, with full 3D visuals and some new modes and updated mechanics.

And, of course, you can’t talk to Inafune without bringing up Mega Man Legends 3. While there is quite a loud cry from fans about the game, Inafune is scared that he won’t get as much support as he might expect.

My big fear is that if we did start doing it[developing Mega Man Legends 3], investing all that time and money into it, the fans would just say “we don’t need that.” If I do end up doing it, please support me and don’t change your minds halfway through!

Its always hard to judge these kind of things, since there can simply be a large vocal minority. And then there is always fan expectations too. And if Capcom’s strays too far from that, some fans might start getting unhappy. Although, I personally think there is plenty of fan support, but I’m no analyst or anything like that.

(Via: The Mega Man Network)

Capcom Kicking Around “Rad” Mega Man Concept

Mega Man has been sticking with the 8-bit retro style recently, but it looks like Capcom might have something new in store for the series.

On Destructoid’s Bit Transmission Podcast, Capcom’s Seth Killian gave a little bit of a tease on where the series will be going next.

It’s good. I don’t want to say nobody has seen it coming. Somebody may have seen it coming. But it excited me and when I heard about the project, I was like, ‘Holy crap. That’s rad.’ I actually haven’t seen anything that’s going on with the project right now but the idea was exciting.  This is still kicking around as a concept. But there are exciting ideas in the Mega Man space.

Sounds almost as rad as The Legend of Zelda (ohohoho).

I always thought the 8-bit Retro concept for Mega Man 9 was cool. But by Mega Man 10, I had pretty much lost interest since the novelty of being a current generation 8-bit title sort of wore off.

It will be nice to see the series go in another direction…or maybe finish up a certain cliff hanger.

OILD – Blizzard Buffalo's Stage

Day 4 and we’re going strong! Is it getting snowy where you live? After all, today’s level has some pretty intense snow. It’s Blizzard Buffalo’s stage, from Mega Man X3!


The Mega Man series is no stranger to the almighty ice level. It seems like the blue bomber has to defeat some kind of cold-themed robot every few years, doesn’t it? The Mega Man X series started things off with Chill Penguin, and X3 continued the tradition with Blizzard Buffalo.

Blizzard Buffalo’s stage is actually rather atmospheric. In the distance you see a futuristic city skyline, yet some of the skyscrapers are inexplicably destroyed. Did the buffalo destroy a metropolis, or did he decide to set up camp in a ruined city? It’s also nighttime, which gives off an even colder, lonely feel to the stage. You start off with the standard icy floors, but before long you’ll end up in a dark, underground storage area. When you make your way back to the surface, you find yourself in the midst of a heavy snowstorm. However, if you can soldier on, you can use the icy floors to your advantage; if you slide and use the momentum properly, you can leap into a hidden room with an upgrade! Just watch out for the enemies riding snowmobiles. Blizzard Buffalo’s room itself is unusually long, and he’ll try to attack from offscreen. Usually he’ll either charge at you, or shoot ice shards all over the floor and walls. Occasionally he’ll shoot a huge ice beam as well. His weakness is the Parasitic Bomb,  the weapon you get from Blast Hornet. Additionally, if you defeat Volt Catfish before entering this stage, the lights in the city will turn back on and melt some of the ice.


Here’s the wallpaper for Blizzard Buffalo’s Stage! Want the gigantic version? Get it here!

Oh but there’s more! Nina Matsumoto has joined in on the fun! You may have seen her famous Simpsonzu picture. Welp, she’s celebrating OILD by drawing THIS AWESOME ICE MAN PICTURE. And it’s wallpaper sized too! You know you want it. You know what else you want? Her new manga Yokaiden volume 1 and volume 2, for sale now on Amazon! It’s the story of a young boy named Hamachi, who finds himself in the realm of the Yokai, or traditional Japanese monsters. The art is wonderful and the characters are fantastic and hilarious. This would make the perfect gift this season! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

The third thing you want? MUSIC. Like I said, Mega Man’s fought a LOT of ice robots. Here are the themes for Ice Man, Blizzard Man, Freeze Man, and Frost Man, from Mega Man, MM6, MM7, and MM8, respectively. And here are the themes for Chill Penguin, Blizzard Buffalo, Frost Walrus, Blizzard Wolfang, and Avalanche Yeti, from Mega Man X, MMX3, MMX4, MMX6, and MMX8. Yeah, he’s fought more in the other series, but I think you get the idea.

And a bonus remix? You know you need that too! Braincooler is a pretty new remix of Chill Penguin’s stage, by Rozovian.

Our other remix is Frost Bossa, the Frost Man remix by Joshua Morse. Joshua Morse was quite informative during the whole process. He told me how commissioning music works, what the payment system is, and what the fairest deal would be for both of us. He was professional, polite, and fair, and for that he definitely deserves some recognition! Frost Bossa is calm and soothing, so it’s perfect for this happy time of year! Snag the soundtrack and see for yourself!