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Metal Gear Solid 3D and Zone of the Enders HD in early 2012

Hideo Kojima unloaded a nice bit of information at his Tokyo Game Show presentation. Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D is planned to release in early 2012. A holiday release would have been fantastic, but this works as well. No official release date as of now.

Another series created by Hideo Kojima is Zone of the Enders. For those who have no idea what Zone of the Enders is, it’s a futuristic Action game focused around mecha combat. In short, fighting robots in space. Sounds pretty awesome right? The first two games Zone of the Enders and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner are Playstation 2 releases, and it even has it’s own anime that’s 26 episodes long. The games are pretty rare and hard to find as of now. The HD releases are expected to hit shelves early to mid 2012, with the anime box set coming sometime in the summer.

(Source: Kotaku)

Konami Pre-E3 2011 Show

This year Konami decided to lead up E3 with a pre-show. The show features new details and trailers on upcoming Konami games and announces quite a few HD collections. You can check out the entire show after the jump. Or, if you don’t feel like sitting down and watching an hour of content, there’s a list of high notes below the video.



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Rumor: Metal Gear Solid HD Trilogy in the Works

Not enough HD Metal Gear out there on the market for you? Metal Gear Solid: Rising is still quite the ways out there. Oh, what shall you do? Well, some classic Metal Gear may be coming to the rescue.

According to Official PlayStation Magazine, they’ve heard some inside rumblings that an HD trilogy is on the way for Metal Gear Solid. Unfortunately the rumor didn’t specify which titles.

Some might assume the first three Metal Gear Solid games would be on the collection, but so far only PlayStation 2 titles have gotten HD face-lifts. The original Metal Gear Solid only landed on the original PlayStation and the Gamecube. We might see something like with the Tomb Raider HD bundle where the recent PlayStation 3 title will be included along side two HD remakes.

For now, it’s just a rumor.

(Source: CVG)
(Via: VG247)

OILD – Shadow Moses Island

WHOOOH! Well that was a fun marathon, wasn’t it? I mean come on, we beat our goal at the last minute! I honestly thought that PayPal thing was going to kill us, but once again the community pulled through and saved the day! YOU PEOPLE ARE UNSTOPPABLE! THANK YOU SO MUCH! A fitting end to a year of great streams, I think. A lot changed in the past year, too. For example, we got a new commentator who does ridiculous Solid Snake impressions. That’s why today’s ice level was a no-brainer. It’s Shadow Moses Island, from Metal Gear Solid!

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Metal Gear Marathon Wrap-up

Thanks everyone for another enjoyable marathon.  The viewers were steady throughout and our store grand opening went great. I think the rest of the marathons you see from us will always either be for some sort of charity or cause. It seems to add quiet a bit more enjoyment for both the viewers and us.

Now we look ahead to the much talked about Final Fantasy marathon which starts July 17 and will last a week. More details will be posted soon.

If you won a prize expect an email shortly and I will ship ASAP.

FanGamer Merch inspired by Metal Gear

Support TSG! Preorder a Bag!

We (TheSpeedGamers) have partnered up with Fangamer (the guys behind Starmen.net) to help promote their new bag inspired by Metal Gear Solid. A portion of the bag’s profits will go to us (TheSpeedGamers) so make sure to pre order today! If you purchase a bag or shirt before June 8 you will receive a custom-engraved keychain with your order.


Pictures and FAQ after the break.

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Metal Gear Marathon Details

Metal Gear MarathonStarting on June19th @ 6pm CST and lasting for 72 hours, we will play through the Metal Gear series in order of storyline live on webcam. No charities are involved in this marathon but that won’t stop us from giving away great prizes! Our next marathon for charity will be the Final Fantasy marathon starting on July 17th for ACT Today (Autism)
June 19th not only marks the start of the Metal Gear marathon, but also the grand opening of TheSpeedGamer’s Store! Profit from the store will go towards server and website fees, prizes, ect.
Confirmed games to be played (more games will be added, be sure to check back!)
In order (except Twin Snakes):
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Metal Gear Ghost Babel
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Metal Gear Solid: Twins Snakes

If we finish the series before the 72 hours expire, which is expected, we will play through the games again until the 72 hours is filled.If you are not familiar with the way we do our marathons, here’s a brief description. A live video feed can be seen here on our website, www.thespeedgamers.com, with a  commentary cam complementing the gameplay. A chat will accompany the video so you communicate with us and our other viewers.

Note: Cutscenes will not be skipped, we feel this is the best way to represent the series.